Five for Friday

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What a week! Personally and at work this week has been an up and down roller coaster. On Monday, I headed back to work. I volunteer along with a couple of the other ECSE teachers, speech paths and social workers to screen the 3 and 4 year olds in the area. We initially do a brigance screener and if we hear speech issues or if the kids are at the cut off score then we ask the parents if we can give them further speech and language testing which can qualify them for ECSE or itinerant speech. The week started off calm, but towards the end of the week we had lots of kids going for further testing, which means lots more paperwork to fill out. So today and Monday we tackle writing up all the IEPs and METs. There are probably about 75 kids or so that we need to write up IEPs for. On Monday, I also found out that my husband got laid off. Let me say I am VERY type A so I initially panicked, but I have now calmed down and realize I need to take one day at a time. I don't want to cause him or myself any extra stress. Fortunately, having screeners this week has helped to keep my mind off of all of this. Now on to five random things from this week.

1. I got my class list. I have 15 students returning this year and the new students on my list look like they are going to be sweet kids from what I have heard so that is exciting.

2. Last weekend we went away for a long weekend to Cincinnati and Dayton, OH. It was a lot of fun. We saw lots of planes, trains, and animals.

Ethan riding the crank train.
At the Natural History and Science Museum.

3. I finally joined our local library. I use to go to the library all the time and then I don't really know why, but it just stopped. I think it is just because of work and school the last few years and of course Ethan. So Ethan and I went to our local library and got a library card.

4. Tonight I am going to be writing the names on all of my nameplates, locker magnets, etc of my students...a super exciting Friday I know.

5. I finished a BBQ themed unit that you can check out on tpt


or Teacher's Notebook.

Have a great weekend!

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