Monday Made It and a Freebie

Hard to believe it is August and it is time to head into my room. I haven't had much time to make much between summer school finishing last Thursday and trying to get everything ready for heading into my classroom. Here are a few things I made and you can check out what others made at Tara's 4th Grade Frolics

Since I made that DIY light table I have been trying to think of things I can use with it.
I put stickers on bottle caps and the kids can put the letters in order or spell words with them. Ethan enjoyed playing with them too!

I love Panera Bread smoothies so and they give you those large transparent colored straws. I have been saving them thinking I would be able to use them for something and decided to try it on the light table. I cut the straws into smaller pieces and figured the kids can use tongs to grasp them and can sort them by color.

I made this for the laundry room. We are hoping to finish our basement and the laundry room. I have been creating a few things to hang up on the wall when it is completed. I used washi tape for the border and the words came from the Cricut in the freebie section. I got a scrapbook paper frame from Michaels and used that to mount the Subway sign.

Here is a freebie that I intend on using with my kiddos this school year. This will be great for my nonverbal students because they just have to clip the correct answer. You can get it on tpt or
 Yes/ No Back to School Clip Questions Freebie

Well, I am off to head into my classroom. Hopefully, I can be super productive and get most of the set-up done!


  1. What a great group of ideas. I love the light table

    1. The light table is super easy to make and I think the kids will really enjoy it!

  2. Thanks for sharing the freebie! Your yes/no questions are going to be great for nonverbal students!


  3. Thanks for sharing! I can think of many students that could benefit from your yes/no questions.


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