The curriculum we use is the Creative Curriculum and the assessment we use is the brigance. I use these two things and the students IEP goals to drive my instruction. When planning I initially come up with some themes that I would like to do each month and then I add the letter of the week that is to be focused on and anything else that may need to be completed that week (mostly assessments that need to be done).
I have an outline of my monthly themes, letter we are on and anything else special then.

Then I start creating lesson plans. I use the same template for the am and pm and just write the am and pm activities in the same area.

Last year I started keeping a huge binder of what books, activities, etc. that we did because some of my students are with me for three years and to keep changing things up I can see what I have done in the past and what I would like to reuse (I can take that activity out and move it to the new binder).

Since going through the binder it has been MUCH easier to see what I have done versus just reading it on the lesson plan because sometimes the title of the activity may be the same or similar.
I do keep hard copies of everything because it is easier for me to use and see then doing it on the computer. I have considered doing visual plans which would eliminate this for me, but at this time I think this may be easier.
I have tubs with each of my monthly activities and games that I keep in one of my closets. They are all labeled by theme and easy to grab out for when I do that theme. I also have a bin of file folder games organized mostly by theme and season too that I can easily grab and change out when the time comes. Unfortunately I do not have pictures of either of these to share.
How do you keep everything organized?! Make sure to link up and share what you do!

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