A is for Red Apple

This past week we talked all about the letter Aa, the color red, and apples. Here are some more activities we did.

We played a roll and cover game from my Yummy Apples unit. I had some of my students do the 1-6 and some do the 2-12 roll and cover depending on what they were ready for.

We sang Did You See My Apple song (there are yellow and green apples too). By the end of the week all of the kids are attempting to sing some part of it. We also sang Way Up High in the Apple Tree. You can get that in the Yummy Apples too.

With the morning class we didn't get the opportunity to make our yellow cherrios circle so we did that this week as well.

The pm class spelt their name with Cheerios.
We also tried out the pom-pom drop I made this past summer. The kids used the alligator tongs and matched the colors to the tube and then let the pom pom drop. All the kids had a lot of fun with this!

At the end I let them explore the bubble tongs, which was definitely more challenging for a lot of them.

For some of my early finishers this week we matched clothespins and colors.

Next we will be diving into fall. Have a great weekend!

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