Centers and a little of this and that...

There is a lot of randomness in this post. These are all the things I planned on sharing throughout the week and just never had the opportunity to. Here it goes!
Back in the summer I shared how I run my centers. You can check out the full post about that here. I have only three centers since I have 12 students max. I have the picture of who or what center the students start at and then they rotate through all three centers for about 6-10 minutes for the am and 15 minutes for the pm. The am class will work up to 15 minutes by the end of the year. The kids do get into the routine of checking where they are to start and automatically go and we rotate in a circle when the timer goes off so they don't need to return to the chart, but you definitely could have them do that.
I started using my color poems this week. By the end of the week the kids were starting to recite it with me or at least repeat the picture word (am class). That was great to see and I am glad I incorporated this! I have a freebie that provides all the color poems words and pictures. You can get that here on tpt.

One of the first grade teachers had this cute all about me posters that I just had to share. So cute!

Last week at Target I picked up some Halloween magnets that I plan on using for sorting. I think the kids will enjoy using them. I may put some in the Halloween sensory bin too!

Last, but not least...all of our birthday crowns are up and ready to go!


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