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This week has been all about fall. We read the book Fall Mixed Up. My pm class loved the book because some of the things are so silly. I made an emergent reader that has some of the items that were mixed up and the students will color what is correct. I plan on trying this with my pm class tomorrow as I know some of them did not understand the silliness and this will be an even better way to assess who really understood it and who didn't. This way too I can explain why it is silly and what is true.
 You can get the book here at TN

Also, since the start of the school year I have been using weekly boardmaker vocab pics I made up based on the weekly themes.
 Here is our picture/ word wall. I plan on doing some activities with the picture wall as the school year progresses.

Each week I put the pictures in the dice I have and before they say the name I roll it to the kids and they identify the picture and if the students can I will ask them questions regarding the picture (what color, what do you use it for, etc.)

Also, for my early finishers that are readers (just not comprehenders yet) I have some books from Reading A to Z that I am going to put out and coordinate to the theme of the week. I will have my higher students read them to me and answer questions regarding the books. I have not tried this yet but plan on doing so this coming week. I had to get some storage for them first.
Anything special that you do with your kiddos to increase their language and vocab that really works well?

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