Today was my first day of open houses. The kiddos don't start until Friday. Unfortunately I had quite a few parents today come in after the Open House time, but at least they came in and filled out everything.

Here is my Open House table. This was after all the parents and kids came in so it's a little messy.

I just finished getting my matching names made. I print them on construction paper (century gothic font) and then cut small pieces of Velcro for and put it below the letters and behind the letter. The kids match up the letters of their name. It is a great activity to do for early finishers or if you just have a couple of minutes here and there.  Each child has their own color too to help them differentiate their name from others.

Tomorrow is day 2 of Open Houses. Let's hope everyone comes and preferably on time, but I will just be happy if they all come. :)


  1. I love your name activity! Hope your first day went well :)


  2. Thanks! It went really well...which made me very relieved!


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