FIne Motor Tubs

I thought my energy levels were starting to finally get back to normal and then Friday rolled around and I am wiped out! Matt started his job this past week, which I think is part of my exhaustion as I get Ethan up and ready for the day and take him to and from daycare and such. Hopefully, once I hit 12 weeks (I'm 10.5 weeks right now) my energy levels will start to go back to normal!
Anyways, over the past couple of years I have made a lot of fine motor tubs. I love these things and the kids do too! Another perk is they are easy to make and the cheap!

I used Cool Whip containers and got the pom-poms in the dollar spot at Target.

I used small sample baby formula containers for these and the buttons I had in the classroom. I just cut a slit and the kids put them in.

This is another cool whip container and just regular pom-poms.
For this one I used mini koosh balls that you can get through Oriental Trading. All of these different manipulatives are great for students with sensory needs too because of the different textures.

This is large sour cream container and straws. I try to have the kids match the colors that can, but if they can't that's okay too.

This was a Pringles container and the students match large straws (from the Dollar Store) to the colors on the lid.

These are great short tasks if I need to help a student with a task (cutting, tracing, etc) and the other student may be a runner or not be able to do their work independently. It is also great if the students have finished their and have just a couple of minutes of free time.

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