Five for Friday-Spiders and Bats


I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs for Five for Friday.

This past week was a busy and fun one. I love all of the fall themes. They are so much fun and I wish we had a lot more time to spend on them.

1. Monday we had the local fire station come and show the kids the tools and equipment firefighters use. They also got to get on the fire truck, which they all did (this was the first year of no criers! :)

2. We made spiders.

The pm made pipe cleaner legs and the am used paper legs

3. Miss Spider Shape Match-Up. We played it all week. I used it during whole group time. They kids all loved Miss Spider (the first day someone thought she was a snake...I got a kick of that). I had the students pick a shape, tell us what it is and match it.

4. We made egg carton bats. They turned out super cute!

5. We did some counting practice. I used spider paper plates with numbers on the back and the kids put that many clips on the plate. 

I also showed the kids a number 1-8 and then they put that many clothespins on the wire hanger at the bottom. 

Next week we are learning all about monsters. I am sure the kids are going to love it! Have a great weekend! I have to get all of Ethan's birthday stuff together for next weekend and Matt did get the job that he had an interview a couple of weeks ago. He finally got a confirmation this week. It sounds like it will be a lot better than where he previously worked (he'll be home more, the pay is similar and vacation is more flexible). Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers!


  1. The egg carton bats look super cute! I was thinking about making them with my little darlings for Halloween and now I'm convinced! :)

    Laughter & Learning in Room 139

  2. Thanks! The kids loved making them! I am sure your kids will too!


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