Spiders, Bats and Monsters...oh my!

Here are a few activities that the kids have loved doing, but I haven't got the opportunity to share.
We built a monster. I gave the students verbal directions and tried to see if the kids could follow them to build a shape monster. It was challenging for a lot of them, but they need the practice.
We did a pom pom sort. The students used tweezers to move the pom poms to the correct color monster. You can get the color monster sorting mats from prekinders.
We also made spider hats. This is one activity I have done yearly and the kids just love making. We used cotton balls for the eyes.  

I also got the Halloween sensory bin (black beans and a variety of Halloween erasers out and the kids have loved it. We also have been singing bats are Sleeping.
Here is a copy of that here.

Last, but not least we have been acting out Raffi's Spider on the Floor song with little ring spiders. The kids LOVE this song and request it all the time! We are taking Ethan to Zoo Boo tonight, which should be a blast. The Detroit Zoo decorates some of the cages in Halloween décor and they make pumpkins into different characters. Hopefully, the rain just holds out. Have a great Saturday!

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