A Cornucopia of Things

Well, today started my Thanksgiving break and I must say I was in need of a break! We haven't had anytime off since the start of the year and it has been a long haul. The kids are in need of a break too.

Here is what one of my kiddos brought in for show and tell. I had to laugh because the mom said it was bigger than his backpack, but I wasn't expecting this big! It's bigger than him!

 We laced canoes and added a Native American.

We played this color game. The kids roll the dice, identify the color, find the color, and then put the feather on the turkey. They loved it!

I pulled out these Melissa and Doug and Hide and Seek puzzles. The kids love them! I may need to get some more them to play with.

We also made some cornucopias.

Last Saturday we had Friendsgiving, which was a huge success! One of our friends brought her kids this year and Ethan made a new friend. They are a lot alike and loved playing together!

  I know there are a lot of dedicated Black Friday shoppers out there, but I must say I am not one of them. I'd rather pay a little more and not have to deal with the lines and stress of it all. With that said, today I hit the stores and did some shopping. I got a few things checked off the list. While at Michaels I found some fun gifts for my kiddos. I got stampers, kaledioscopes, notepads, magic wands, and wiggle eye rings. I am going to make up the goody bags today.

Also, my entire store will be 20% off and with the code CYBER it comes out to 28% off! Make sure to stock up!

I am linking up with Learning with Mrs. Leeby. Check out her blog for other teacher's throwing sales!

Last, but not least I am getting a new car! With a second one on the way my Chevy Cruze can't fit two kids in the back so I am upgrading to a Chevy Equinox. That is my black Friday shopping I guess you could say. I get to pick it up then and am eager to get it! :)

We are hosting so I have been frantically trying to get the house in order and making sure we have all the food we need! Have a safe trip if you are travelling and have a fun and relaxing Thanksgiving!


  1. Your cornucopias are so cute! Adding that idea to my plans for next year! Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. Thanks! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving too!


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