Holiday Fun

So far this week my kiddos have been doing great! No one cried when Santa came, the parties went much smother (no criers when the parents came in), and pajama day they watched a short movie.

Let's hope the end of the week continues to go just as smoothly.

The pictures are backwards in order so I'll explain from today to earlier in the week.

I always run my centers just like normal for parties to keep some consistency and routine in the day. We made play-doh cookies, reindeer hats, and reindeer mix (cheerios, m&m's, marshmallows, and pretzels).

I only got a pic of the pm class in their pjs. We watched Frosty the Snowman.

Santa visited and read a story about how he found his reindeer. Then, he took pictures with each of the kids, which I sent home with the parent gift.

We finished up our shape reindeer.

Sorry this is blurry...I had the parents decorate a tree with their child at home. These are some of the trees the families made.

This one lights up! Crazy creative! I would never have thought of doing this. It is even has an on/off switch.

We made cinnamon/ applesauce ornaments.

We finished up our shape Santas...

And our length trees.

On Monday, we counted out ten frame cards, found the number, and then wrote the number on dry erase boards. You can get that freebie here

Whew...we have done so much and we still have two days left. The next two days should be a lot calmer. I also am happy to say that I have finished my shopping! Yay! :) Now to get the house ready for visitors...

Have a great rest of the week!

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