Well, I have a plan and hope to put it into effect this coming Friday since we have a workday. I want to go through each of the cabinets and drawers and purge things I no longer use and sort some of the stuff better. Such as putting all the puzzles in cabinets directly next to each other. Once some of the items are purged I should be able to fit some of the things sitting on top of other big cabinets in there! Yay! I love organizing, but time is the biggest thing! So hopefully all of my things will be a little bit more organized following Friday. I also plan on condensing some of my file folder games into the files in my file cabinet because then I won't forget about them, which I do all the time. More items will probably be used this way. I was able to take all of the paper sitting on top of my file cabinet and brought them home and am in the process of sorting them. Some things I will be needing to laminate soon for use and other things I have put stickies on with the month I plan on using them. You can link up here or just check out some great planning strategies there too! Happy Organizing!

Since starting classes I again have very limited time and I am so thankful for the Five for Friday because it is a great way to quickly recap my week. So here are a few things we did. You can link up at Doodle Bugs Teaching

1.) One of my kid's parents from a couple of years ago is a firefighter and came in to show the kids how she puts on her equipment. She talked about what she does and had the kids sort toys vs. tools. They all seemed t enjoy it!

2. )The afternoon class used shaving cream and the morning class used cotton.
3.) We read The Mitten by Jan Brett two times and then the morning class colored, cut out the animals, and pasted them onto the mitten. The afternoon class laced a mitten for the animals to go inside. I will try to get a picture of that this week.
4.) We also played Snowflake Catch. The students rolled the die and then counted the dots and stamped the number. With the morning class I had the students pick a card with the numeral 1-6 on it and they had to match the actual numerals. This was quite a challenge for many of them, but it was good practice.
5.) I also have been working on decluttering my room and started with the top of the file cabinet. I took the papers all home and am in the process of sorting them and then put a to copy bin and to laminate bin. The globe I have moved to a different location so it wasn't taking up so much space. It makes me feel better not just having a whole pile of stuff there. :) Have a great weekend!


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