This past week was a short one with the kids, but very busy between meetings with our IEP goals and objectives changing to my aid being out, and possibly getting another new student.
Five fun things this week were our cute tear apart penguins we made.

1.They were a 2 day process for many and even a 3-day process for a couple, but they turned out so cute!

2. We did ice skating through corn syrup with our OT again this year. I think this is one of my favorite activities she does with the kids! A few of the students surprised me and even tried it! Yay!

3. We got out the big blocks and had lots of building fun!

4. My Ethan I guess had a virus and I never knew! He had a little rash on his belly right before he was suppose to get his shots and the dr. was like oh he's no longer contagious, but he did have a virus. He never ran a fever and was fussy during the night, but that's how he is the majority of the time so I felt terrible though because I didn't know.

5. Matt and I went to see Flogging Molly! Always a fun concert! They are very high energy and put on a great show!

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Just as Sasha over at The Autism Helper said, flexibility is key! My para-pro was unable to come into work this whole week so materials for the fine motor center were not together and I have been winging it. Fortunately,the sub has been fabulous and not afraid to get down on the floor with the kids. So this week we are continuing to talk about winter and penguins. The last two days (Monday we had PD) we have been making torn paper penguins. I will get a picture of those tomorrow. The afternoon class finished their Tacky the Penguins. We also have been doing some matching mittens, which was much more challenging for my morning class than I anticipated.  Happy Wednesday!

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