Happy Friday and yay for a snow day!
1. I made some yummy pita chips today. I got the idea from Ash at The Polished Teacher. Yummm! 
2. We started learning about transportation this week. We made a police car and fire truck. We are working on an ambulance right now too. The patterns came from www.makinglearningfun.com

3. Our Valentine sensory bin. The kids love the magic noodles because they are squishy.
4.Ethan and I enjoyed our snow day! We got out some play-doh, did some finger painting, made Valentine cards for the grandparents and made some pita chips! We got out to the store to buy Ethan some clothes for the spring. Old Navy is having their kids sale. :)
5.We practiced writing our uppercase letters with cotton swabs and paint.

You can get the cotton swab writing at my tpt store here or

Freebie Fridays
Have a great weekend!


Make sure to link up with Fourth Grade Frolics to share your creations.
Here are some things I made for the home for Valentine's Day. I made some LOVE blocks.

I got this wood love sign on clearance at Hobby Lobby last year and painted it pink and red. I have been considering adding some glitter too, but need to buy some more.

I shared this game the other week. It is inby inspired by Dr. Jean's Who Let the Dogs Out?
You can get the pieces to the game here
How to play the game is here:
Print everything on cardstock and laminate. Put magnets on the back of the dog house or put on poster board and laminate. Place all the letters in the dog’s house. (use magnetic letters or attach a paper clip to each card provided). Then using the dog provided attach a magnet to the dog’s nose or to a stuffed animal dog’s nose. Have the students find the letters, numbers, colors or shapes. Students identify and then put it in the dog’s dish.
To make the dog I just added a magnet to his nose with glue. Super easy! :)


Clutter Free Classroom

Last Friday we had a full day record's day and since I just had IEP progress reports I had a lot of the day to clean out and organize my room. I was quite pleased with how much I accomplished. I will admit I didn't purge a lot of things. My student's abilities have been varying a lot in the last couple of years I worry I will need something next year. However, I did give a few items to the new kindergarten teacher in our building. Lincoln logs and some of the balances I gave to her, as well as, a couple of games, that my kids have never been able to play. I also threw out some of the posters that are quite old and left behind from the teacher before me. I also went through the assessment files and got rid of the assessments we are no longer using and it looks like haven't used in a long time. The bigges thing was utilizing the space better because now some of my big cabinets are free of clutter! Yay! Here is the progress I made:

I was quite pleased with the progress made and I even tackled my desk drawers, which was not on my list. :) Have a great week!


“Love Notes” Link Up at Literacy and Laughter to share all of the LOVES in your life.

Create a post with your “love notes” and link up!! It will be a super fun way to get to know more teacher bloggers... and provide some fun reading for the last full month of Winter!

“Lovely List”

Name: Kate

Grade you Teach: Early Childhood Special Ed 

State: Michigan

Birthday: July 31

Favorite Colors: Bright Blue and Bright Green

Lucky Number: 22

Favorite Subject to Teach: Reading

Go to Snack: graham crackers (that's what happens when you have a 15 month old)

TV Show: New Girl, Mindy Project
Last Movie You Watched: Taken 2 (not very good)
Music You are Loving Right Now: Grouplove and anything on Sirius XM Alt Nation
Always shopping at: Target
Word of the day: Rested

“Love Links”

share links to…

a blog you are loving right now:
IHeart Organizing

Lots of great organization tips!

Your Valentine or February pin board:

I just have a strictly teaching one. I am not that organized. I am working on that this year.

a product you adore: my iPhone 4

We’d all love to know…”

What are your favorite hobbies or what do you enjoy doing during your free time?
spending time with Ethan and my husband Matt, working out, and traveling 

Your favorite vacation destination?
I don't think I have one favorite place because each place I have been to has been so different. I loved going out to Yellowstone National Park, California (all over), and Arizona, New York.

The best advice you’ve been given?
Believe in Yourself. If you put your mind to it you can do it.

Most rewarding part of teaching?
Seeing the growth in my students no matter how little. Also, making their first school experience a fun and enjoyable one!

What are you known for?
Being a runner (which I haven't had much time for).

2 random facts:
#1 I ran when I was in college. The people I ran with are still best friends and always will be. We can get together at any time and it is like we were never apart. :)

2. Matt and I met in college and for a long time there was an ongoing joke we would get married (that's a long story). Well, Matt and I both were like never and then after I left college we began dating and now here we are married for 3.5 years and have Ethan. :)

The Loves of Your Life:

Share a picture(s) of your LOVES.

Have fun watching the Super Bowl!

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