A week or so ago we began transportation and then stopped to do some Valentine's Day activities, but we will be going back to transportation this coming week. Here are a few pics and freebies of things we did that I didn't get the opportunity to post. We began learning the transportation poem. The pieces come off and as we said the poem the students would come up and put their piece. You can get the pieces to the transportation song below or here at my tpt store

Transportation Song

 We made ambulances.

We played the Crash game. I actually made cars out of scrapbook paper, but this is another way to do it. The kids love playing this!

Enjoy and have a great Saturday!

Today started my winter break and it was a super productive day, which I love! I was able to get to the gym, get some homework done, and some errands done that I have been putting off. I also got to spend the day with Ethan!

Anyways, five random things from this week.

1. We played a game where the students draw a heart (I used these particular hearts for number and letters- the letters underneath) and then stamp the letter the student chose. All the students stamp it because our center time isn't that long. The recording sheet is from Prekinders

2. We practiced counting out hearts with mini erasers and some heart ice cube trays I got at Target in the $1 section.

3. We practiced writing our numbers and colors with this How Many Hearts book from my Hearts, Hearts, Hearts unit on TPT

4. One of my students just did this on his own. He spelt his name with the letters that they trace with cars.  

5. The afternoon class practiced lacing their name.
One last random thing. My finds from Target today! I love a good buy and all of these things were 50% off!
I know Valentine's day has just ended, but I made a few math activities for St. Patrick's day. You can get it here or

I am so proud of my little guys on the deer bus. On the way to school today one of my little girls didn't have any Valentine's so a couple of my boys tore up some of their work taken out of their backpacks and told her that she can use those as Valentine's and let me say that made her day. She was so happy to have Valentines. :) It was also super thoughtful of my little guys.

We did have our "party" today. Honestly, for Valentine's Day the parents don't come in and we pretty much do the same routine, but I incorporate V-day activities. Here are a couple of things we did:

We decorated some Valentine cookies.

We completed AB patterns with candy hearts. The mats are from prekinders

We also handed out Valentines and made Valentine bears. I will post a picture of those on Tuesday. Winter break begins today for me! Yay! We have tomorrow and Monday. I will be able to spend lots of time with Ethan and get to the gym. I have been trying to get back to working out and now I have no excuses of why not too. Happy Valentine's Day!

Our Valentine's to our parents turned out great! You can make them in a couple of ways. You can just glue tissue paper or construction paper on or if using tissue paper you can have students pinch the paper and then glue it on. You can get the heart here. Good luck with all of your Valentine's parties!

Whenever I introduce a new topic, which is usually every week or two I always introduce the topic by discussing the vocabulary words. I use boardmaker and create sheets like the one below and depending on the students they may cut out the pictures or I may cut out the pictures. Then, I show the students the picture and they have to repeat it and glue it on to the designated colored construction paper. We also talk about the picture and I try to ask questions about it. What is it used for? Where do you find it? etc. 

All of our words have not been added yet here.

We made our Valentine Bags yesterday. The students decorated a paper bag with hearts, letters, crayons, markers, and stickers. We made our parent gifts today, which I will post a picture of tomorrow.

On a different note, Ethan and I made some Valentine cards for the grandparents. Using his handprints we made them into a heart shaped. Inside we wrote a little Happy Valentine's Day message. You can link up with ABC and 123 to share your show and tell pictures and get some new ideas. Happy Tuesday! :)

On pinterest yesterday I found this really useful site where you can create your own PECS boards with one image to 16 images per page. You can also use real pictures or boardmaker pictures. If you don't have boardmaker they do offer some images you can use and if you do have boardmaker you can upload your own pictures. I played around with it and it was extremely easy to use.
Create Visual Supports

I hope you find it helpful too!

Also, I have been in the process of changing how I progress monitor. Previously, I used to take LOTS of anecdotal notes daily that were kept in a folder. Then, at the end of the year the folder was put into my file drawer. Well, needless to say it has been taking up lots of space and wasn't as organized as it should be. So now I am just keeping a checklist with the activity listed at the top. All of the students names are in the far left column. I am keeping a check plus for students that are able to completely do the task, check for ones that are having some trouble, and check minus for students that do not understand the task or skill at all. The date of the activity is kept at the bottom. I got a small binder and am keeping each of the sheets in there. Much more organized and some less work. I am able to take notes on the back if necessary, but this is much easier and faster.

Here is what it looks like. This one is for my class so I was just checking if the children knew a skill or not, but on an activity there would be check pluses and minuses as well.

Make sure to check out Ashley's blog The Resource Room Teacher for some more great ideas to help your students with special needs!

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