I have been meaning to post these as Easter is approaching and spring break! There is an ABC match-up game. My little ones have already started talking about the Easter bunny and candy. They love the candy part a lot!

You can get the egg match up

  Eggcellent ABC Match Up
Enjoy! I hope you have a happy Thursday!

We finished up transportation last week and I forgot to share these fun crafs we did. We practiced snipping paper and made a traffic light.
We also stamped out transportation patterns. With the morning class we just stamped each of the forms of transportation and I had the students repeat the word. They really enjoyed it.

Also, something fun to check out are the blogs by state over at

Fifth in the Middle

I'm a Michigan blogger and I must say I do love our state! I am anxiously waiting for the weather to warm up a bit, but I love being close to water whereever you go. Also, I just noticed in this picture she is missing the U.P.! I went to school up there and it is absolutely beautiful and shouldn't be forgotten about. Make sure to link up at Fifth in the Middle!

Ethan was sick so I stayed home with today and I feel like I am going stir crazy just like the kids. I am anticipating spring weather like crazy. I am tired of clouds and 20 degree weather especially after watching baseball spring training! I want to go to Florida!  I did want to share this cute winter writing a kindergarten teacher in my building did. The students worked in pairs to finish the prompt and they give some clues about what is hiding under the snowpile. So cute!

Now for some springtime fun! I found these pinwheels at Target last year and was trying to think of a new use for them. Last year, during circle time I had the students spin it and tell me what color or letter they landed on. This year I think I am going to make it more interactive by having them do it at centers. The children will spin the pinwheel and record what it landed on.  I think they will enjoy it. Hopefully, you can get to Target and pick some up. Enjoy!

You can grab the recording sheets here. 

It's hard to believe it already March and that St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner. I am pretty excited because next week is Detroit's Corktown St. Patty's Day parade! I have been a few times and it always a lot of fun and lots of crazy shenanigans going on! Anyways, here are some fun St. Patty's Day freebies.

You can get my March math freebies here

March Math Freebies Pre-K and Kindgeraten

You can also get my St. Patrick's Day Activities for $1.50 and the following items are included:
Pot of Gold Counting Mats p. 4-10
Positional Word Book p.11-18
Irish Flag p.19-20
Coin Mats (Match or count) p.21-30
Size Sort p. 31-34
Beginning Sounds p.35
Ordinal Position p. 36-37
Finish the AB, ABC, or ABB pattern p. 38-403
Play-doh and Q-tip Shamrock p. 41-43

St. Patrick's Day Pre-K and K Activities

Make sure to check out Mary's blog for some more freebies and fun St. Patrick's Day products. Have a great Sunday!

Sharing Kindergarten

Make sure to stop by Farley's blog to do the March Currently!
Ethan was up bright and early this morning (5:15am) and when I first came out the news wasn't even on, but it is now.
This past week was a LONG week! My kids have bad cabin fever and we need the weather to warm up ASAP!
This coming week our report cards and progress reports are due and I have to begin brigance screeners, which is a long process. Not looking forward to those.
I am wanting Spring Break to come to get some things done around the house. We are hoping to get a new fence as we have dogs surrounding us and Ethan is not afraid of any dogs. One of the dogs is always jumping over the fence and not the most friendly dog. The spare bedroom is currently a work in progress. It is painted and the moulding is pulled up, but I need to get new carpet, door and closet door. Hopefully able to get done over Spring Break.
K was kind of hard for this, but I like Kid Rock. I love kisses from Ethan even though they are always open mouthed and somewhat slobbery (working on that). I hate kiwis. I am not a fan of the actual fruit. Flavored kiwi things are not that bad.

1. The afternoon class celebrated the 100th day of school on Tuesday. We made these fun crowns and I made some cookies for snack.
2. We continued to talk about transportation this week and played Crash! My kids LOVE this game!
3. The kids have been loving this sensory bin! They really like the signs, which is neat because they are starting to identify some of the signs themselves.


4. Next week we are starting to learn nursery rhymes and will be making a nursery rhyme book. We are going to do this activity at the end as a review of the nursery rhyme.

Freebie Fridays

5. Today felt like a SUPER long day and my kiddos were a little crazy, but fortunately Ethan is able to put a smile on my face and instantly brightens my day!
Have a great weekend!

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