Here are 5 random things from this past week.
1. Spring Break started yesterday after school for me and the weather here in MI is finally starting to warm up a bit so Ethan and I went to the zoo today! Here's Ethan with the seals.
2. My document camera came in yesterday! I called the tech dept. to come in and install it. So excited!

3. I am having my first ever TPT sale! I put my top 5 items on sale for 20% off!

4. My assessments I brought home in hopes of writing up my IEP's. We'll see if I do that.

You can get the Butterfly Flip Book here

 Butterfly Noodle FlipBook
Freebie Fridays
Have a great Friday!

Well, Spring Break has officially started! Yay! It is definitely needed!
This year, we didn't do too many Easter activities, but here are a few fun things we did have the opportunity to do.
We made a rabbit hiding in the grass. The students had to cut the grass, which for some was a challenge.
We matched ABC eggs.

I also had spring vocab words. The students loved opening them to see what they would love.
We also sorted eggs by size. This one was challenging for some of my kids because of the medium eggs, but they still love it!

We painted some paper eggs and also made some Easter hats, which turned out cute. Well, happy spring break! Tomorrow Ethan and I are hoping to head to the zoo as it finally has warmed up a little here!


The Noun Game

The noun game is where you simply just name your favorite person, place, thing, and animal.

So here is my favorite person (I have two!)

My husband, Matt. He is the opposite of me and keeps my type A personality in check. He makes sure to add some spontaneity to my life and reminds me it's ok if everything's not perfect. Ethan is my wonderful little guy that keeps me on my toes! He is learning so much right now, which is fun to see!

Paint Creek Trail in Rochester. I love running and biking there! I also love seeing people I know and other runners and bikers too (it's motivating!). I also love that following a run Ethan go play at the park. Last year he loved the swings, but this year he will be able to play on the playscape, which will be fun! All we need is for the weather to warm up!


My Mizuno Wave Runners

These are seriously the best running shoes I have ever owned! I love them!


I love polar bears! I have loved polar bears since I was little! I don't really even know why, but I do.

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