Five things fun from this week (mostly non-school related). Since this week was Spring break these are some of the highlights. We stayed home, but stayed busy!

1. Opening Day at Comerica was today and they won against the Yankees! Go Tigers!

2. Ethan, my sister, my dad, and I enjoyed a fun day in Detroit. We went to the Historical Detroit museum, American Coney Island (I love Coney dogs! and Ethan loved his hotdog!), went on the river walk, hunted for life size bobbleheads, and checked out Comerica Park.

3. We went to the Detroit Zoo.
4. We also were able to go to some parks on the days the weather was decent.

5. School related. Last week, we finished up our Eric Carle caterpillars.

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Listening to the news...not too exciting and it is making me depressed as I hear there are suppose to be snow flurries today :(
Loving- that I'm on Spring break and get to spend time with Ethan and catching up with some friends.
Thinking about how I need to get to the gym after eating lots of Reese eggs!
Wanting some more sleep. Since I've been on break Ethan has gotten up earlier than he does when I'm in work.
Needing to go through clothes, Ethan's toys, and just general cleaning that I have been putting off. I need to go through some files on the computer and clean out and update stuff.
Advice is to not stress over the small things, which I have a very hard time not doing. I have gotten A LOT better, but sometimes there are things you can't control and you have to let go of it so you can be happier.
 Now for some freebies. These are a hodge podge of things. The book I did with my morning class last week when we were talking about spring. The other two I will be using when I return next week.

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