Hopefully when I return to work on Monday I will see some of the plants starting to sprout up. We planted some sunflowers and marigolds. The kids got the choice. (Yes there is some snow on the ground here in MI :( and it's April! Ugh!)

Here we are sorting out worms by size (big, medium, little) challenging for some of my kids. You can get the sorting sheet here at the worm sorting post I shared last week.
For next week we are going to build a flower as a group. My morning class will match the pieces. (There are 12-one for each of my kiddos) and the afternoon will build it by themselves on the back. It will help me to see what plant parts the kids know and don't know.  

Here we are sorting what things we need to plant a flower and don't need. You can get that here in my In the Garden Packet.

Happy Saturday!

1. We began discussing flowers this week and planted some seeds. Nothing is coming up yet, which makes me nervous. Here in MI we haven't had any sun all week though.

2. We made these pretty flowers.

3. Using toilet paper rolls cut out in different ways we made some more flowers.

4. One of our parents had chicks she was raising and she came in and shared them with us. A lot of the kids went up and readily touched them, which shocked me!

5. Our spring sensory bin. Shovels, sand, flowers, and a couple of pretend ladybugs and butterflies. The kids loved this one!

Now for some Friday Freebies! :) 

Check out Kindergarten Works for a 2013-2014.  If you are like me I am already making some notes of things I would like to do for next year and this will make that planning much easier.

You can also download Butterfly Number Clips here on tpt 

Freebie Fridays

I use to use morning messages with my Kindergarten students on a daily basis and I made them as interactive as possible. I would have the students use white boards and follow along while I called other students up and we worked on lots of skills (math, language, etc)! I even put some of the messages onto overheads and the students could fill them in at center time, which they loved. However, when I began teaching ECSE their attention span was way shorter and I got away from it. After talking to the other ECSE teachers we are going to try to do morning messages again, even if with just the pm class. I have created some fun morning messages that I am going to try to use next year and will reinforce many of the skills being taught on a daily basis.

Here is a snapshot of what they look like. One is a sample of the Pre-K and Kindergarten.

This one is from the preschool packet.

You can get the preschool messages here

and the Pre-K and Kindergarten morning messages here and here  

Lots of skills are reinforced. One of the messages I thought would be fun and my kids would enjoy would be this. It will help with their deducting skills and language skills. Here is a freebie that is included in all three packets.

Since we are talking about plants worms came up. I have some of these measuring worms and this week we are going to sort with them.
Learning Resources® - Measuring Worms, Math Manipulatives, for Grades Pre-K and Up - Sold As 1 Set - Colorful, squishy worms make counting, sorting and measuring fun.
You can get the measuring worms here on Amazon.

I created these size worm sorting mats to go with these. Again this is another task my little ones can do while I am working 1 on 1 with a student and I can check how they are doing quickly and easily. My kids love using manipulatives like these. I have some bugs, transportation, farm animals, and a few others that kids just love to use! Have a great Tuesday!

Fortunatel today went smoothly! Yay! The next couple of weeks we will be talking about plants and bugs. My kids love talking about this and they get really excited about planting their own flower. However, this time of the year once again brings lots of assessing to be done. I keep a small group of 3-4 students with me while I am assessing a child. I try to do one simple assessment a day (for example, shapes) and get through that whole group during the 10-15 minutes that they are with me. I find that this decreases the kids anxiety because everyone has to do it and because it is for a very short time. However, I need to keep the other little ones occupied and tasks like these help with that! It is something many of them can do independently. I have some similar clothespin games with lilypads and frogs. The kids love those so I am sure they will love these!

You can get this butterfly clothespins here or

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

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