This week we talked about dinosaurs and did some fun dinosaur activities.
1. We sorted dinosaurs by color.

2. We did a dinosaur dig. The students drew a dinosaur from the sand and then had to identify the letter and stamp it on their recording sheet.

3. We made stegasoraus.

3. These are an oldy but goody. The students match the designated dinosaurs to the mat and count them out as they do it. I got these from a retired teacher that lives down the street from my parents. The kids love them.

4. Last week we made cupcake flowers.

5. We made bubbly volcanoes. You need LOTS of baking soda, but when you mix it with food coloring and vinegar it bubbles up. The kids loved it. :)

Have a great weekend!

Some of my co-workers attended an Environmental print conference and shared some of the ideas with me. Here is one of the things that I have tried. We made a We Love Breakfast book. Here is the cover. 

Each of the students brought in picture or the box cover of what they enjoy. I added their pictures and a simple sentence. My afternoon class traced the sentence. It was surprising to me how many of my little ones don't really know what cereal they eat or what they eat for breakfast. This was a great language activity.

After we finish letter Zz next week I will be going through the environmental print posters I made and we can talk about the items and add to the posters. I am curious to see what pictures my students know and don't know.

On a totally different note...our plants are growing! Whew! I was getting worried. All of them are growing except two, but I made sure to plant a couple more seeds in those and now they are sprouting too! My kiddos get to take the plants home tomorrow, which they are VERY excited about!

I hope everyone has a great Friday tomorrow! Yay for TGIF!

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