1. This week we finished up our unit on the farm. We painted some pigs in the mud.

2. We just finished up our alphabet and celebrated by reading Chicka, Chicka Boom Boom and making some hats. I instagrammed my first ever picture! You can find me at kdb1983. #teachertalkstuesday

3. Our new sensory equipment came in and we got to use the bounce house.

4. My kids loved making this decodable book. They got to put the pig in the barn and thought it was great that they made a door that could open and close. You can get the decodable, positional word book in my Pre-K and K On the Farm Activities unit.

Listening-to American Restoration...it is amazing how they can restore items that are so old into something that is amazing! Ethan has just started mimicking me reading to him. It cracks me up because he even points to the pictures like I do when I read to him.
Loving-MI's spring has finally started! It has been in the 70s and sunny! It is beautiful! I've been happy to get a run outside after work all this week.
Thinking- this end of the year has been insane. The other ECSE teacher is out on medical leave and I have had to cover all of her IEPs and help with everything and it has been super stressful!
Wanting- summer break...I need some relaxation! 
Needing- a vacation with my family. We haven't been any where together since last year's Spring Break. It is definitely needed to get away for just a little while.  I have been really tired and am longing for some more sleep!
Summer Bucket List- I am going to Chicago with Ethan and my parents as soon as school is done and I am really looking forward to it. Now that grad school is done and work will be done soon I need a good read!

TGIF tomorrow and make sure to link up!

My mom saved me this article from the Detroit Free Press, My Sweet Adorable Tyrant is Turning 2 and it could not have hit home more so than today. After the day I had with Ethan I am looking forward to a day full of IEPs tomorrow just so I can sit and sort of relax! Ethan refused to sit in the cart at the grocery store and instead was running up and down the aisles at full speed and I was attempting to throw what I needed into the cart while keeping up with him...needless to say I didn't get everything on the list this week! At my brother's birthday lunch he was doing laps around the table and would then run to the back door and who was following him?! Me. As soon as I got him changed out of his clothes to go into the tub...what does he do?! But open the bathroom door that I didn't completely shut and ran to the hall and peed on the floor. During the bath he decided to just splash like crazy and I think there was more water outside of the tub than in the tub by the end. He has been VERY energized today and I am just exhausted now.
While reading the article I was checking off everything that was so true of my life now...
1. No More Sleep 2. You start talking toddler lingo 3. the temper tantrums have begun! 4. not being on time for anything 5. shopping is like the daytona 500 6. refusing to eat things that he use to love. 7. you do crazy things to keep them entertained. 8 and 9. Your child's successes and failures become your own 10. As he grows older he is no longer the baby that I still consider him to be.

All of these are my life right now to a tee! It is nice to know I am not alone in feeling the exhaustion, craziness, and endless amount of love I have for my little guy. I sometimes take for granted all of his cuddles and I definitely need to remember to savor every moment because pretty soon he will be a little boy and not my baby anymore. Enjoy every moment and definitely read My Sweet Adorable Tyrant is Turning 2 it will put a smile on your face! :)

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