It is hard to believe my first week of summer vacation has come and gone! I have loved every minute of the relaxation and being able to catch-up on everything.

Here are some highlights from this week:

1. Ethan and I found a snapping turtle at the park and I think it was laying some eggs as she (I am assuming it is a girl) had built a nest of sorts.

2. While cleaning the spare bedroom out (I also intend on finish redoing is only painted right now) I found this fun record mirror my sister had made for me. I am putting it up in the spare bedroom.

3. I have read a non-educational and non-school required book. I love the Mindy project and enjoyed this quick read! You can get it here

4. I have finally gotten my butt back in gear and started working out on a more routine basis. I love hitting the trails during the summer and Ethan loves it because then we can go to the park afterwards.

5. I have a 4th of July freebie for you! I know it is a little ways away, but it will be here before we know it. You can get it at tpt or
 Fourth of July Number File Folder Game

Freebie Fridays 

 Have a great weekend!

This year I organized my lesson plans differently than I have in the past and I must say I really like it. I am hoping it will make planning for next year a little easier too! I can have my students up to three years and for some of my students they are in the morning class for two years (the younger group) and other times the students may be in the afternoon class for two consecutive years. Most times I have the same theme for the am and pm class, but usually with different activities or the activities are differentiate accordingly. With that said, I try to keep things new and changing each year, which gets hard at times. There are some activities that I feel are necessary every year for the am or pm class, but I don't want to bore the kids. So this is how my lesson plan binder I used this year should help with all of this.

I got a huge binder. It did have a cover page on it, but it fell off. :(
I have a schedule of our day.
I have an outline of my monthly themes, letter we are on and anything else special then.

Then I had my lesson plans...

And behind each of the lesson plans was my newsletter for the week and the books and other worksheets done that week.

Since going through the binder it has been MUCH easier to see what I have done versus just reading it on the lesson plan because sometimes the title of the activity I think is something else. Also, by seeing what we have done I should be able to not duplicate activities. If I do choose to keep the same activity (such as the weekly theme vocab words for my am) then I can take it out and put it in my 2013-2014 lesson plan binder.
I wish I could keep everything on the computer and just look at it, but I still find having the hard copy easier than the digital version.
How do you organize all of your lesson plans and papers that go with it (especially if you have students for more than one year?!)

I love having time to make some diy crafts and projects! It is how I distress. Make sure to link up with 4th Grade Frolics! Here are a few things I made this past week.

I got my lesson plan binder together.

I have a monthly calendar from Kindergarten Works for free.

I started putting in a couple of tentative lesson plans for the beginning of the year.

I took an inventory of items I have not used and want to use and put each item on a sticky. I am going to put these on the lesson plan so I make sure to pull out those games and activities.

I printed and laminated al of my vocab picture cards that I am going to use for my word/picture wall. Each weeks theme is a different color so when I go to put them away at the end of the year I know what goes with what. I had this jewelry holder from Target sitting in my basement that I have put the cards in so I can easily pull them out each week.  

I am going to put the vocab cards in these Carson Dellosa cubes for games and to say a picture before they tell me their name. When a child has the cube they are the only one that is suppose to talk.

I made these numeral cards for the numeral song by Dr. Jean. I have large numbers that I show the kids, but a few of my students always want to take those numbers and trace them instead of writing them in the air or on the carpet. I have made 12 (1 for each student) and each set is again a different color. I printed them on construction paper and laminated them.

I had these made a while back, but have not had the opportunity to laminate them, but they are all laminated and ready to go for next year.

I also made a sing prompt. I have made a picture cue at the bottom in pink for what song the kids should be singing with us. I am not sure yet how I want to organize the pink picture prompts. Any suggestions are welcomed!

Lastly, I made these bottle cap magnets. Super easy! I just picked out some pictures and put them into power point and made them in the shape of a circle, cut it out, added some mod podge to the back to make sure the pictures would stick and then added a magnet to the back. They are hanging up on our magnetic calendar/ note board.
Here is a glimpse of some of my upcoming projects I plan on tackling in the next couple of weeks. I want to repaint this shelf and make into a stand that can be changed depending on the theme for the week.

This is my inspiration from Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds.
I want to spray the chairs and just clean them up. I also want to add new vinyl to the seats.

These are the curtains that were in my basement straight out of 1970. Definitely need to be updated!

What have you made?!


School is done and I just back from Chicago. It was a fun weekend vacation and definitely needed.  Here are a few things I did this past week with my kiddos.

1. Starfish. The morning class cut out the star and sprinkled some sand and glitter on it.

The afternoon class used bubble wrap to paint their starfish and add glitter.
2. We made sharks. The kids painted them gray and added triangles for fins.

3. We made fish.

4. I have this great category sort from Lakeshore. Unfortunately I did not see this particular one available now, but there are lots of other category sorts available there.  

5. Had a blast in Chicago! :)

Have a great rest of the weekend!

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