Make sure to link up with Cara Carroll over  The First Grade Parade. I have been having a blast checking out what others have pinned recently. There are so many great ideas!
Here are some of my favorite pins from this week.
For the classroom...
farmer's marketHaving a farmer's market in the dramatic play area. You can see the post with lots of ideas at Teaching 2 and 3 Years Old
Color coded visual schedules
I love this idea for individual students. Another thought of how to make these are using 5 gallon paint sticks and painting them. You can read more about that at Autism Classroom News.
I am trying this for dinner tonight. Let's hope it is as good as it looks!
My Style...
This cute hoodie.
I love this sweater! I don't think I could get away with white shorts with a one year old though. I would get something on them!
Summer Outfit
I am loving this haircut!
Love this cut!Isn't this nail polish fun!
NEW NeonHaywire CustomBlended NEON Glitter Nail by lushlacquer- Is this real??!!
Don't look back. You're not going that way. Unknown

We are going to our second concert this week. I went from having not gone to any concerts in about a year and a half to now going to two in one week. Fun times! I hope everyone else has a great weekend!

I am going to share one of my fine motor posts from October. There are lots of activities that can be done and that you may be able to incorporate into your classroom.  Make sure to link up for Throwback Thursday with The First Grade Parade.


Friday, October 12, 2012

Fine Motor Activities

Many of my little ones really struggle with fine motor skills. Here are a couple of activities to help them improve! Drawing vertically is great for strengthening their wrist to hold the writing utensil correctly. Here the students are drawing a person on a chalkboard. Also, using small pieces of crayons or chalk help the students to use their fingers rather than grasping the utensil.

Before drawing a person we practiced matman with the individual foam matmen I made.

Here the students are using the yoga ball and they pushed it back to Ms. Nancy our OT with both hands (hands opened, not fists). They also practiced sitting on their bottoms, placing their hands flat on the carpet and holding their legs up. Ms. Nancy would roll the ball to the kids and they would push it back with their legs.  

Here they rolled on to the ball and walked with their hands to get a jack-o-lantern and place it into the larger jack-o-lantern.

Our OT is awesome and has taught me a lot on how to help my kids to strengthen their core and their hands for writing and better posture.


Here is a picture of the large matman.

This is from Handwriting Without Tears Cd Song #8. We build matman daily in the morning class and the small ones used at centers are great for reinforcement.

Have a great Thursday!
Well, yesterday I got into my classroom for summer school. It is huge! We were in the same building last year and it is awesome! There is lots of storage, the room is very big and where things are located has really been thought about for kids and teachers alike. I unfortunately forgot to take pictures. :(
I had brought my son in to help and so I was somewhat distracted. I will try to get some on Monday. I was also bummed because our paper supply (white and construction paper) had not come in so I couldn't make copies or get my crafts ready as early as I would like. Normally I print everything for the entire 12 days ahead of time.

Anyways, here are some freebies that I will be using when I teach summer school. The two class books (We Share Everything and How Many Letters in Your Name) are from Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten.

You can get this emergent reader and tracing shapes freebie on tpt

 What Shape is Inside the Apple? Freebie

This is going to be used with this particular craft from Mrs. Williamson over at Welcome to Room 36
Love these. Hang up for Open House

Have a great Tuesday. :)

I am linking up with Fourth Grade Frolics for Monday Made It. This past week I made some simple crafts for my room.

A pointer bin. I have been slowly collecting more and more pointers and they need a spot instead of just being put wherever. I just used a Clorox container, spray glue, and scrapbook paper.

I also made transportation magnets. I know you can buy magnets, but we end up collecting a bunch of them throughout the year and so I try to reuse those.

Just in case you missed it to I made Lego task cards.

TI made a DIY light table for my kiddos. Ethan gets to enjoy it right now! :)

The idea came from Sugar Aunts blog and it was super easy. All you need is a clear sterlite bin and white lights.

I also bought Ethan a bin to start keeping his work in. I want to keep his first finger-painting and scribbles.

I also have finally printed off loads of things that need to get laminated. I don't have a personal laminator and have been contemplating getting one. Laminating is free at our school so I don't know how much I would use it and I don't want to be spending loads of money on the laminating pouches. We will see what I decide.

Well, I am off to set-up my room for Summer School. Have a great Monday!

I am linking up with Leigh at The Applicious Teacher for an An Apple a Day linky.

This is something that I struggle with and would love some suggestions and feedback to make this more effective. My homework involves the students getting involved with the parents. At the end of each weekly note I have an activity or suggestion to try with their child. I send home the corresponding things needed (cut out shapes or color cards, ABC cards, tips on reading to your child, etc.) However, I know that really only probably 2-3 of my parents last year did these tasks with their child. They are not long tasks (it may be reading a book to their child, playing with play-doh, using scissors with their child, helping to teach their child to zip their coat or backpack, etc.), but only these 2-3 parents do them. Last summer, I spent a lot of time finding the necessary resources and things that are simple, but skills that all of my students need help with and it was disappointing when only a few parents really worked with their child. Any tips or suggestions?! I would like this year's try with this to be way more effective, but I am not sure what to do.

I am also linking up with Christina at Bunting, Books, and Bainbridge

Fortunately we have a basement and spare bedroom still!

The big box at the bottom I need to go through.
Have a relaxing Sunday!

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