It is hard to believe week 2 of summer school starts Monday! It flies by, which I love.

Here are a few things we have been up to. Last week we made some pirates and treasure chests. The kids loved this. We did some of the activities from my Pirate packet, which you can get on tpt.

We also played trace the word slapping game. Each of my students got one of those sticky hands (not seen in the picture very well. You can get them at the Dollar Store). One student at a time would fling the sticky hand and have to identify the picture and then the group would trace it. They loved it! You can get that freebie here on tpt.

We have been doing lots of writing. Here is how I do the writing with my kids. When I draw their name they share what they want depending on the topic and I write. Then, they go back to their table and write what they shared and draw a picture about it. The kids have been doing great with their writing.

This coming week we are diving into the ocean, which I am sure the kids will also love! Enjoy your Saturday! It has been a lazy one here, but we did get out for a bike ride, which is always fun!

You can link up with Cara Carroll at The First Grade Parade.

Here are some of my favorite pins from this week.
Splat the Cat.
splat the cat
A number book. Definitely want to try this with my afternoon class.
number book
Magnetic painting. I have pinned something similar before. I need to try it this year. I think my kids will have a lot of fun with this!
magnetic painting
A number line with beads. Another thing I would like to try with pm kids that are ready.
number line
Now for a freebie.

Freebie Fridays

Enjoy the freebie and what have you pinned this week?

Well for this Throwback Thursday it is Five for Friday-zoo Edition with a freebie. You can link up with Cara at The First Grade Parade! I hope enjoy the freebie (again) and are staying cool. It has been so hot (mid-90s) and muggy here! I  hoping this weekend is a bit cooler. My first week of summer school is done and I have a some fun things to show in the next couple of days. So make sure to check back! :)


Friday, May 17, 2013

Five for Friday- Zoo Edition

I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday. This past week we began talking about zoo animals. We made giraffes...

Some zebras...

and some flamingos.

This is one of the kindergarten teachers 3-D Shapes projects. I thought it was really cute and a good visual for these shapes.

5. We also played Alphabet soup and picked out letters and traced them on the recording sheet.

I must say I love summer school! I have 14 kindergarteners and an aid with the whole time. We are also only done with day 2 and there are only 10 days left. It is just the right length of time.

The classroom I have this year is HUGE! It has great storage and is just awesome. I wish my classroom was similar.

Everyday, we do morning meeting and I have a morning message. Each of the students get a dry erase board, marker and eraser and as we read the message we fill in the blanks as a class. It is a great way to get a quick assessment of what students can and cannot do and it keeps the kids engaged!

We read David Goes to School and made some David's. This one is missing some hair, but I loved his smile. :)
This week's theme is pirates and I have some fun treasure chests to show you that we did today. I forgot to take a picture of them. Have a great Tuesday.

Well, as I prepare for some of the things are related to the Holiday season and goes with the Christmas in July theme I have seen so many people doing. Don't forget to link up with Fourth Grade Frolics for lots of other fun ideas!

This idea came from Teach Preschool
Christmas bow magnetic play in preschoolI just got a bunch of bows and put a magnet on the back. Super easy, but I think the kids will love it. A way to make it a little more challenging would be to ask the students to put a certain number of bows on or only certain colors. I have a baking hseet that I will wrap up when the time comes.

I made a felt tree with circle ornaments. I think I may put numbers on them so the afternoon can be a little more challenged.

Here is the one I found on pinterest. I plan on putting mine up on the flannel board.A felt tree for toddlers to decorate again and again...
This one is not related to the holiday season, but can be used all year long. Thumbs up/ down great for rhyming and answering questions in a whole group setting. The original idea came from a Differentiated Kindergarten.

You can get that freebie here

While cleaning out my closets at the end of the year I found some links tucked away in the back corner and this year I want to make use of them so I  made polka dot link ABC and number cards that you can get here or

Today is my first day of summer school.  Many of the supplies that had been ordered had not come in yet so I have not photocopied anything and a lot of my crafts are not ready to go due to the supplies not being here on time. So I may be winging it today. Wish me luck!

This week is supplies and organization. Something I feel like I am constantly trying to improve on.
Fortunately, at my current school I have lots of cabinets for storage. At my previous school I had one closet and very few shelves. I have finally taken the time to organize all of these shelves. Sorry for the bad pictures. I am not very good with a camera and my previous phone had terrible picture quality.

Anyways, for circle time, I have two bins- one for AM and one for PM that is  labeled and the activities get changed out depending on the themes and some (the kids favorites) remain there all year long.

I have color-coded my students large bins or boxes of toys and attached pictures to the front so they know what toys go where. Last year I used fabric and for some reason the Elmer's spray glue did not hold up well so this year I made a couple of bins with duct tape and that will hopefully work better.

In my closets and cabinets, I have organized everything according to reading, math, fine motor, etc. It seems to work well and I have made to label all the boxes. If I don't see it I won't use it. Here is my assessment cabinet.


I have organized my books by theme with paint sticks (my sister works at Sherwin Williams so I can get as many as I like!)

Last, but not least, my students assessment files I keep in a bin that I can carry around the classroom easily. I have tabs (not able to be seen in the picture) that states if the child is in the am, pm and in red so I remember a third year (once they are a third year student they have to move on). This was towards the end of the year so it is a mess, but at the beginning of the year it will be back to working order.

I looks more like this.

Another handy tip is that I get bags ready ahead of time for new students. We have a high turnover rate in our program so I get a plastic bag like below and put all the nametags in there. I would also include all forms, my handbook, the snack calendar, etc. and put it in that bag at the beginning of the year. When a new student arrives I can just pull it out the file cabinet and give it to the parent.

How do you organize all of your supplies?!

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