I am not sure if Cara is hosting it this week, but if not here are some of my fav pins from this week anyways. There are some great ideas of things I need to print and/ or make before heading back into the classroom.
( free download) Taking charge of my feelings and behaviors | self-regulation_of_emotions.pdf
Check out Victories n Autism for lots of free resources!
scratch off reward tickets
Scratch Off Reward Cards. Check out Christina's blog Bunting, Books and Bainbridge

diy letter tiles

diy tactile letters

This is from Make, Take, Teach. She always has great ideas and great DIY projects. I have made a few of these things and will share them on Monday.

alphabet gems

This is another fun craft I made this past week. You can get step by step directions here at Polka Dot Kinders.

wiggle seat for movers in the classroom $13
Wiggle Seats for only $13...a great deal!

Now for some unrelated teaching ones...
Coral. Nude. Teal

DIY headbands. This one actually has directions! :-)
Criss cross headbands.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Well, the second week of summer school is done. Here are a few pictures of things we did this past week.

We played the sticky hands game again. The kids LOVE this! They have been requesting it daily. All you need to do it get some sticky hands at the dollar store and put cards out for students to catch. It can be used for anything. We have been using vocab cards and then the kids have been tracing the word. You can get a hand slap freebie here

We made some fish, seahorses, painted the sea with bubble wrap and wrote our numbers with q-tips.

We have been writing daily. We have completed the sentences:
I can...
I like (color)
I like (food)
I see...

Next week is our last week. We will be celebrating being in Kindergarten.
Have a great Thursday!

I am linking up with Miss Kindergarten for 10 Things I've Learned from Teaching Linky.

1. You will learn something from each of one of your students.
Every year I find myself having to make changes to the way I teach because my students are each different and in being so I have to try something new. The great thing about this is it is another trick I can add to my ever growing bag of tricks.

2. Love each of your students for who they are.
There always seems to be one student that may drive you a little crazy at times, but they are not going to change so learn to love the little quirks and smile at them.
Replace "teachers" with "people" and "kids" with "people" and you have a great rendition of the golden rule.

3. Be flexible!
You never know what may happen...a fire drill, the kids moods, a classroom visitor, etc. Just roll with it.

4. Have high expectations for all your students.
Your students will strive for whatever expectations you have. If you want to keep them working hard have high expectations and encourage them as much as possible as they try to reach them.

5.  Stay calm because the kids feed off your energy.
Put on a smile and relaxed so the kids don't freak out too.
Teacher quote
6. Get to know your parents and students on a personal level.
My parents are always impressed and tend to relax when you ask about the students siblings or the child's baseball game, etc. They know you genuinely care. The kids will feel better connected with you and respect you.
Treat students with dignity and respect.
7. Have fun!
Get up and dance and sing loud and just have fun. The kids will love it and want to do it with you.

8. You can't do everything.
This is the hardest one for me. Sometimes you need to just walk away and finish writing up the IEP or filling in report cards for awhile. Some days you are just done and if you are you need to leave it for tomorrow when you will have more energy.

9. Don't spend a lot of money on clothes.
I am all about sales. My kids have gotten glue, paint, boogers, blood, and everything else on my clothes. Fortunately I can't be too upset if it doesn't come out because I spent little on it.

10. Love what you do!

technology rocks. seriously.: Saying & Posters & Quotes OH MY! {Part 5}
Sweetest Teacher Quote ever…

Also, I am participating in Lola's giveaway over at Preschool Wonders. Make sure to check it out! There is some great stuff for you to win!

Have a great Tuesday. Only 6 more days of school. Time flies!

I am linking up with Fourth Grade Frolics for Monday Made It.
Since I have begun teaching summer school I have not had as much time to craft and once summer school begins I know I only have a few weeks left of summer! Yikes! Anyways, here are a few things I got around to. I put my Learning Through Play Book together. I am going to put the kids pictures in there once the school year starts.
I made some more song visuals. The one on the left is Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. You can find the visuals (better ones...of course I found this after the fact) on Boardmaker Share
I also found them on Boardmaker Share.
The Chicken Dance visuals also came from Boardmaker Share. There are lots of great activities and visuals on this site as well!

Another great site for visuals is Prekindergarten...The Right Beginning. They have lots of visuals!
I also got a coupon book to store my calendar month tags and numbers. This idea came from Erin at Eberhart's Explorers.

Last, but not least I have made a few fonts that you can have. Just click on the font to download it. If you do you use it if you could just put Font By: Kate Merian http://funinecse.blogspot.com/ I would appreciate it! Enjoy!



Have a great week!
Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

I am linking up with Leigh at The Applicious Teacher for An Apple a Day. This week's topic is data collection.
Being a Special Ed teacher data is everything. You need to closely document each student's IEP goals and make sure that you are working on these skills on a regular basis because you could be audited and you have to report out on the IEP a minimum of 4x's a year. With 24 students that each have different goals that can be become a difficult task at times. I feel like this is another thing I am always revising as I go along.

Some things that have helped make my job A LOT easier are checklists. I use them all the time. I use them during circle time for different activities. The checklists also help to make sure I am not spending too much time on a skill that many of the students have attained.

Here is a picture of my checklists. I just use a check plus (has the skill completely), check (somewhat has the skill) and check minus (doesn't have the skill but is trying) and NR (not ready for this skill). At the top is the activity and on the far left column is each of the students names.

I keep all of my checklists in a binder.

I have dividers in place like this to separate each trimester.

Then, I inserted tabs that are split am/pm and circle/ centers.

For each of my students I also keep an IEP data collection sheet. You can get that here.

How do you keep your data all organized? Link up to share your ideas or check out others.

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