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1. The laminator at work. I was able to get the majority of my back to school things laminated and have been working on cutting them out. I still have not broken down and bought one yet. The one at work is free and works great so I have a hard time buying my own.

2. Today I got together with two friends. The first friend I got to meet her new baby, Nora for a short time and then I drove around the corner to meet another friend that just moved in to her new house. They literally live around the corner from each other so I am going to have to introduce them so they can hang out.  Jessica and I took Ethan to the Rainforest CafĂ©. He loved it! He is getting better about going to restaurants, but he could have probably stayed there for another hour.

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Yesterday was a super productive day, which I love! I am hoping to finish setting up on Thursday and start copying my assessment files. I also have a few things left to laminate.

Here is the before:

Here is the after for today (excuse all the toys...Ethan was having fun playing with everything as I was putting things up).

I am hoping to tackle my desk and start getting things ready for the first week of school.

I will post more detailed and neater pictures of my classroom Thursday when my room is hopefully more together. Have you been able to get into your classroom? Is all of your furniture put in place or do you need to move it? This past year I had to move a few things, but for the most part everything is where I asked it to be. I will be

Hard to believe it is August and it is time to head into my room. I haven't had much time to make much between summer school finishing last Thursday and trying to get everything ready for heading into my classroom. Here are a few things I made and you can check out what others made at Tara's 4th Grade Frolics

Since I made that DIY light table I have been trying to think of things I can use with it.
I put stickers on bottle caps and the kids can put the letters in order or spell words with them. Ethan enjoyed playing with them too!

I love Panera Bread smoothies so and they give you those large transparent colored straws. I have been saving them thinking I would be able to use them for something and decided to try it on the light table. I cut the straws into smaller pieces and figured the kids can use tongs to grasp them and can sort them by color.

I made this for the laundry room. We are hoping to finish our basement and the laundry room. I have been creating a few things to hang up on the wall when it is completed. I used washi tape for the border and the words came from the Cricut in the freebie section. I got a scrapbook paper frame from Michaels and used that to mount the Subway sign.

Here is a freebie that I intend on using with my kiddos this school year. This will be great for my nonverbal students because they just have to clip the correct answer. You can get it on tpt or
 Yes/ No Back to School Clip Questions Freebie

Well, I am off to head into my classroom. Hopefully, I can be super productive and get most of the set-up done!

I am linking up with Leigh for An Apple a Day- Enrichment. You can link up with your ideas or check out some ideas here.

I have a large range of abilities in my classroom and I never want to leave any of my students out. I do most of my 'enrichment' during centers, but try to challenge my 'high' students with more challenging questions when doing an activity (such as why or how do you know...) or asking them to make a connection to something else.

Here is another way I do enrichment with my kids. I previously posted this, but thought this would fit in well. Instead of making multiple different activities I use emergent readers a lot at my language center to meet all there needs.
Here is how:
Have your students attempt to repeat the picture or phrase.

Have students repeat the sentence and if possible read the sentence to you.

Have students find sight words....this is one way I use enrichment.

By using just this one book (from Hubbard's Cupboard) I am able to meet all of student's needs! 

Another great way to provide enrichment opportunities is when the students finish their work early I have a lot of file folder games that the students can do individually and have them work on tasks and skills that  challenge my 'high' students. Just as Leigh said these are just a few of the enrichment activities I do in my classroom, but these are probably the few that I go to the most. Have a great Sunday. I am ready to watch some Tiger's baseball! Go Tigers!
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Listening- to Pandora
Loving- Summer school finished today. It was another fun year. It flies by and you meet some great kids! I am also loving this 80s and sunny weather today! :)
Thinking-About all the things I need to get ready for heading back into my classroom on Monday. Monday will mostly be set-up and hopefully I can get some laminating done. Ethan will be with me so we will see how it goes.
Wanting- After we replaced the doors I noticed how filthy and yucky the paint in our hallway, living room and kitchen are! I really want to repaint, but I don't think I have the time this summer to tackle it. We will see.
Needing- B2S Must Haves: 1. lots of Velcro for schedules, matching names, file folder games, etc.
2. A new work bag (just got it yesterday for my bday) and comfy shoes (going to DSW today since I have a coupon!)
3. new pictures of Ethan. I miss him a lot while I am at work and need to have some updated pictures since he has grown so much this summer!
Here is a review of some of the things we did in summer school this past week.
We wrote about what the kids are looking forward to in Kindergarten. We used bubble wrap to make the water and added fish. We made some Chicka., Chicka Boom Boom hats.

We tried making bubble prints. I didn't get a picture of a completely finished one, but they turned out great. Blowing bubbles is great for the students sensory needs and even speech because of having to blow the bubbles. I had two little boys that had never blown bubbles before and they thought it was the best thing ever.
We came up with something we liked that began with the same letter as each of their names.
Have a great Thursday. Happy August (one of my little girls told me that as she left today. Too cute!)

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