The curriculum we use is the Creative Curriculum and the assessment we use is the brigance. I use these two things and the students IEP goals to drive my instruction. When planning I initially come up with some themes that I would like to do each month and then I add the letter of the week that is to be focused on and anything else that may need to be completed that week (mostly assessments that need to be done).
I have an outline of my monthly themes, letter we are on and anything else special then.

Then I start creating lesson plans. I use the same template for the am and pm and just write the am and pm activities in the same area.

Last year I started keeping a huge binder of what books, activities, etc. that we did because some of my students are with me for three years and to keep changing things up I can see what I have done in the past and what I would like to reuse (I can take that activity out and move it to the new binder).

Since going through the binder it has been MUCH easier to see what I have done versus just reading it on the lesson plan because sometimes the title of the activity may be the same or similar.
I do keep hard copies of everything because it is easier for me to use and see then doing it on the computer. I have considered doing visual plans which would eliminate this for me, but at this time I think this may be easier.
I have tubs with each of my monthly activities and games that I keep in one of my closets. They are all labeled by theme and easy to grab out for when I do that theme. I also have a bin of file folder games organized mostly by theme and season too that I can easily grab and change out when the time comes. Unfortunately I do not have pictures of either of these to share.
How do you keep everything organized?! Make sure to link up and share what you do!

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I originally posted my classroom tour here

This is more of the abridged version of it. I don't have a specific theme. It is mostly just bright and colorful.
 A picture from the door.

The calendar area. Everything is accessible for my little ones to point and put things up when they are special helper.

Rules, clip chart, schedule. I also got this big book holder. Someone was putting it into storage so I asked my principal if I could take it and she said I could. Now my big books will have a place rather than in between my file cabinet and the wall.

My para and my desk area. I couldn't move her desk over. The custodians said they would take care of that for me.

Some of my cabinets.

I cover up all of the toys because I have some little ones who love to dump and pull everything out. This discourages that.
The kitchen area.

This corner is where I run my language/academic center. I can see everyone from here.

I put up my welcome banner.

This is going to be our picture wall.

 Is your room all ready to go?! I know a lot of people have started or start school this week. We do not start with the kids until after labor day. I do preschool screeners in the north end of our district so the two weeks before we report back I am not able to get into my classroom. It is kind of nice with no one else there though because I can get a lot done without getting distracted or chit-chatting. I also have the copier and laminator all to myself. :) I can't wait to check out other people's rooms.

This past week I was busy getting everything ready for the start of the school year. Here are a few things I created in preparation of the first day. You can link up here.

1. Welcome Banner. This banner is from Amy at the Resource(ful) Room.
Each of my kids made a placemat at the beginning of the school year. It helps define their space and show them where to place their food and drink. They love it and it also helps keep the crumbs more contained. Our placemat box was in desperate need of a makeover. I used some duct tape and wrapped it around and I put contact paper at the bottom for easy clean-up.

I had a crayon border that I have never used so I cut it into pieces and then I painted some clothespins. Here is a fun color matching activity that is also great for their fine motor skills.

Another find in my classroom. I had 4 Target pocket charts that I have not used in a long time so I duct taped them together. I would have sewed them but I don't know how to sew. I need to learn how to do that. I may put some washi tape down the front and around it to make it look more colorful.

I am also going to be trying these charts with my pm class so they can follow along as we count or say the abc's. I put them each on different color construction paper and put them on back to back. You can get the copy here.

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Here is a little bit about me.
My name is Kate and I currently teach Early Childhood Special Ed. I have a variety of disabilities in my am and pm class. Some of my students will go on to regular kindergarten and others I will try to get into specific programs (CI, ASD, Severe SLI etc.) This is going to be my fourth year of teaching ECSE. I taught kindergarten before that for three years.
I have an undergrad degree in Elem. Ed, English and Science. While there I ran cross country and track. Those people have and will always be my very best friends! We went through a lot with each other and seen each other at our best and worst.
I got both of my Masters from Madonna University. My first Masters was in Learning Disabilities and the second in Early Childhood Special Ed.
I am married and have a 22 month old. I love them like crazy!
In my spare time I love crafting, working out (biking, running, swimming, pretty much anything), scrapbooking, traveling, creating activities for my kids at school, and hanging out with my family and friends. I also love blogging to connect with other teachers and get great ideas that can be used in my classroom!
I also have a freebie for you. I just started a Teacher's Notebook store. I am going to be uploading some of my bestsellers from tpt as well as a few new ones once they are created and I am going to try to do different freebies at each store. You can get this ten frame freebie here

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