I am linking up with Doodle Bugs for 5 for Friday.

1. Today was my first day with kids. To jump start my day I got a Carmel latte from Panera. I was disappointed that they didn't have their pumpkin spice latte out yet...I love those!

2. My pm class read and colored What will You Learn in Pre-K from Yay in Pre-K
We used phones to practice reading it.

I also bought these little checklists for students to use to know what is next. I got them From the Pond.  My afternoon class really liked racing to the finish as one of my little ones said. I am going to try using these on Monday with my am class.

4. My kids love the school sensory bin. I started these last year and they just love them.

5. Here is a freebie. It is a Color Rhyming Emergent Reader. You can get it on tpt

or on Teacher's Notebook

Freebie Fridays

Enjoy and have a great weekend! We are suppose to go to an Arts and Apples festival tomorrow which should be a lot of fun!

Today was the third and final day of Open Houses. I am really looking forward to my kiddos this year. I think I am going to have two great groups of kids! I am also really excited because I have a new ECSE partner and she is fabulous! She's high energy and has lots of new ideas.

Today I only had to meet with a couple of students so I was able to get a lot of things organized and go through a lot of files. I should have taken a picture of the before and after of my one drawer in the file cabinet because I can now easily close it and the papers that remain are things I intend on using.

I have decided to make the transition to keeping my papers in the binder because I do not tend to look through the file cabinet of things I have and I did look through last years lesson plan binder when planning for this year. This will also cut down on where everything is located because I had a file folder for beginning of the year copies, a file folder for newsletters, and then a file folder for handouts, but it was not organized in order of how I needed them. So I am hoping these binders will help with that problem!
I also started a second binder of alphabet papers because once again it was a hodge podge of papers in the file folder. A HUGE mess! This should help reduce that.

Well, my kids start tomorrow and I am hoping it is controlled chaos. I know the morning will be a challenge because the kids have no idea of what to do and the afternoon should be okay as the majority of them have been in my class previously. Wish me luck!

Today was my first day of open houses. The kiddos don't start until Friday. Unfortunately I had quite a few parents today come in after the Open House time, but at least they came in and filled out everything.

Here is my Open House table. This was after all the parents and kids came in so it's a little messy.

I just finished getting my matching names made. I print them on construction paper (century gothic font) and then cut small pieces of Velcro for and put it below the letters and behind the letter. The kids match up the letters of their name. It is a great activity to do for early finishers or if you just have a couple of minutes here and there.  Each child has their own color too to help them differentiate their name from others.

Tomorrow is day 2 of Open Houses. Let's hope everyone comes and preferably on time, but I will just be happy if they all come. :)

I am linking up with Farley for the September Currently. August flew by, but I am looking forward to fall, cooler weather, cider, donuts, and football! I love fall!

Listening- to Fox 2 news
Loving- On Saturday we got together with our college friends and had a bbq , played some beanbags. and some other shenanigans. It was a fun time. Yesterday we got together with a friend of mine, her husband, and kids and we went swimming, bbq and had a fire. It was a lot of fun and it is probably the last time I will see some of these friends for awhile because with conflicting schedules during the school year it is hard to get together.
Thinking-about work...tomorrow, Wed, and Thur we have Open House and then we have the kids for the first day on Friday. I have lots of last minute things I want to get done around the house too because if I don't do it today it won't happen until probably Christmas.
Wanting- Matt lost his job two weeks ago and I am hoping he gets hired somewhere soon. I think about it a lot and I need to try not to worry about it. I am sure it will all work out, but it is more like when.
Needing- some caffeine. Ethan is already on the go and has been all weekend so I am tired.
I need to work out at least 3x's a week (I got a workout in today), try to worry less because a lot of things I cannot control, and savor each day. I need to be thankful for all the great people and things I have and enjoy them!

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