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 I am exhausted! The start of the school year is always so draining, but you tend to forget until Friday comes and you realize how tired you are! Here are some of the activities that kept us busy this week.

The kids got to try the rice table for the first time this year. They love it!

We also explored the Color Magnetic Mazes from Lakeshore. My morning class kept trying to pull the little balls out to move them.

This weeks shape and color focus was triangles and green. We made a shape scarecrow and fall trees with triangle leaves.

The kids used tweezers to explore the fall sensory bin (acorns, leaves, pinecones, and some fall animal cut-outs.)

Last, but not least we did some matching letters on the magnetic tray. The kids loved this too as they are fascinated at how the magnets stick to the pan.

 Have a great weekend!

This week has been all about fall. We read the book Fall Mixed Up. My pm class loved the book because some of the things are so silly. I made an emergent reader that has some of the items that were mixed up and the students will color what is correct. I plan on trying this with my pm class tomorrow as I know some of them did not understand the silliness and this will be an even better way to assess who really understood it and who didn't. This way too I can explain why it is silly and what is true.
 You can get the book here at TN

Also, since the start of the school year I have been using weekly boardmaker vocab pics I made up based on the weekly themes.
 Here is our picture/ word wall. I plan on doing some activities with the picture wall as the school year progresses.

Each week I put the pictures in the dice I have and before they say the name I roll it to the kids and they identify the picture and if the students can I will ask them questions regarding the picture (what color, what do you use it for, etc.)

Also, for my early finishers that are readers (just not comprehenders yet) I have some books from Reading A to Z that I am going to put out and coordinate to the theme of the week. I will have my higher students read them to me and answer questions regarding the books. I have not tried this yet but plan on doing so this coming week. I had to get some storage for them first.
Anything special that you do with your kiddos to increase their language and vocab that really works well?

Since going to the shared reading conference back in  March I am trying to incorporate more shared reading opportunities in my classroom on a daily basis. When I taught kindergarten I did it all the time and then when I moved to ECSE I kind of forgot about it or didn't do it nearly as often as I should.

Here are some of the ways I am incorporating shared reading on a daily basis.

Morning message. Right now I am just attempting to have the students "read" as much of it as they can with me. My special helper is pointing to each of the words. As time progresses I intend on leaving spaces for them to fill in letters and the day of the week.

Every week so far I have had a poem written up that is interactive as much as possible (the kids can bring up the leaves as we read the poem). We are saying this before snack time daily and the pm class loves it. Last week we read Way Up High in the Apple Tree. Again, my special helper is pointing to each of the words as we say it.
Color poems. My morning class have just been saying a short phrase or attempting to just say a word, but they are at least trying to say more and it correlates with the color of the week.

Last but not least, I am going to start using Dr. Jean's Weather Song with the am and pm class this week. Here are some picture prompts with the spelling of each of the weather words. You can get it at Teacher's Notebook

Enjoy the freebie and have a great rest of the week!
Since it is the start of fall I decided to throw 20% off my tpt and tn stores. I also have a freebie for you. My kids have been loving the Roll and Cover games.

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Fall Leaves Roll and Cover

Have a relaxing Sunday! I am off to watch some football. Go Lions!

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