This is my first year where most of the pm group can't count to 5 or identify 1-5 so I am trying to make a big push for this right now. Here are some of the activities we have done to reinforce the early number sense concepts.

I have some of these number sheets for 1-4. The students find the number and stamp it that number's color. You can get these for 1-12.

You can grab this freebie here. 

  We also have been using pattern blocks to make numerals 1-5. You can get these pattern block number cards on Making Learning Fun

This picture is a little hard to see and I plan on doing this next week. Each of the sheets of bubble wrap have a number 1-6 on the back. Students will roll the dice, count the dots and then jump on to that number of bubble wrap. It should be a lot of fun for them to be able to hear and feel the bubble wrap pop underneath their feet.

This past week I showed the students a number and they had to put that many clips on their bat. They really enjoyed this activity and loved the bats!

I have some similar number clips for year round. There is a number on the back of the spider plate and the students count out that many clips and put them on the plate. They all really enjoyed this too!

These are just a few of the activities we are doing, but I am hoping that it will help the kiddos start to identify and count out objects 1-5. These are easily differentiated for students that are able to do this skill too because you can just change the number of what the kids are counting out or add two dice instead of just one.

Have a great Saturday! It is a beautiful day here. We are going to go get our pumpkins today, which Ethan is VERY excited about.


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This past week was a busy and fun one. I love all of the fall themes. They are so much fun and I wish we had a lot more time to spend on them.

1. Monday we had the local fire station come and show the kids the tools and equipment firefighters use. They also got to get on the fire truck, which they all did (this was the first year of no criers! :)

2. We made spiders.

The pm made pipe cleaner legs and the am used paper legs

3. Miss Spider Shape Match-Up. We played it all week. I used it during whole group time. They kids all loved Miss Spider (the first day someone thought she was a snake...I got a kick of that). I had the students pick a shape, tell us what it is and match it.

4. We made egg carton bats. They turned out super cute!

5. We did some counting practice. I used spider paper plates with numbers on the back and the kids put that many clips on the plate. 

I also showed the kids a number 1-8 and then they put that many clothespins on the wire hanger at the bottom. 

Next week we are learning all about monsters. I am sure the kids are going to love it! Have a great weekend! I have to get all of Ethan's birthday stuff together for next weekend and Matt did get the job that he had an interview a couple of weeks ago. He finally got a confirmation this week. It sounds like it will be a lot better than where he previously worked (he'll be home more, the pay is similar and vacation is more flexible). Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers!
I have had these two things made for awhile and just have not gotten around to posting them. I hope you can use them. The one is an apple seed story and the leaf story has some leaf facts.

Enjoy and have a great week!
Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

A lot of my students goals include some type of fine motor drawing goal. However, many of them initially coming in aren't even ready to hold a pencil and/or crayon and begin drawing. A lot of my activities at the beginning of the year I try to include some finger strengthening activities so that the kiddos are ready to pick up that pencil and trace a vertical line or draw a simple picture or scribble.

Here are a few things we have done in the last couple of weeks that also help with other academic skills too:

1. Using clothespins helps strengthen their little fingers.
These are pumpkins with a number and dots that students have to clip the correct number of clothespins on. We also used clips to clip the one different picture. I got these particular apple cards from Karen at Prekinders. I made something similar because this was VERY challenging for my kiddos. The magnet board in the back is also offers some fine motor control because the kids have to hold the magnetic wand straight up and down to get the beads moved into the correct bucket.

2. Tearing paper. On the rakes the students tore the paper into squares and rectangles to be the leaves on the rake.

3. Using small buttons or pom-poms or other items that are small to pick up and place on something or in a container helps strengthen their little fingers. These pumpkin cards are also from Karen at Prekinders.  For some of my students that were ready they used tweezers to place the pumpkin seeds on to the pumpkins. 

4. Cutting strips of paper. The kids cut the black paper and they drew a line from the one dot to the other.

These are a few of the different activities at the beginning of the year to help strengthen their hand muscles and get ready for more complex drawing and writing their name. Here are the fall same vs. different cards I made. With some more practice hopefully they will start to be able to visually differentiate between the pictures.

Yesterday we went camping. All the campers decorate for Halloween and then the kids get to have a costume parade and then the kids get to go trick-or-treating. Ethan had a blast. He picked out his costume this year and here he is saying woo-hoo like the fire truck.
Here the kids are ready for the parade.
Ethan loving every minute of it!

We didn't spend the night because it was suppose to rain and tent camping in the rain is not the most enjoyable, but we still had a blast for the day! Have a great rest of the weekend.

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