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Did anyone else feel like this week was never going to end?! I knew it was a bad sign on Tuesday when I told my para as I was heading to a meeting to have a great weekend. It shows you how tired how I am! Halloween was a lot of fun with my kiddos, but it does throw the kids for a loop and make then out of sorts (even the ones that don't understand it). 

Well, here are some things we did this week.

1. The am class made some cats and the pm class made some bats.

2. We made some witches. This a pic of the pm's witches.

This is the am's shape witches.

3. We read There was an Old Lady who wasn't Afraid of Anything and we sequenced the pictures and the lady can walk through everything she encountered.

4. I have seen this on quite a few sites and finally have had the opportunity to do it. The tray is filled with rice and the letter or numbers. The students pick them out and put them in the puzzle. My students with autism especially enjoyed this activity!

5. A peek at our Halloween party. You can see my post here with more details.

It was a fun week, but exhausting. Next week we are going to be reviewing colors with the am and with the pm we are going to be learning about space. It should be a fun week! Have a fabulous weekend!!! :)
Today we celebrated Halloween with our little ones. It is our "short day" as we have Professional development and the kids are in class for a half hour less. Since some of my kiddos don't like being in their costumes and this is not their home school so parents may have to split their time between two schools if there are siblings.

Anyways, here are the activities we did. We sang some songs for our parents (spider on the floor and witch's brew).

Then, we split into centers.

We made glow in the dark lanterns. You crack the glow sticks and pour the liquid into the empty container. Add glitter and seal (I used hot glue on the lids to make sure my little ones wouldn't open it).

Shake it and it glows!

We decorated them with stickers and added a pipe cleaner handle.


We made spider donuts (circle donut, legs made out of pretzels, frosting and candy corn eyes).

We also played with play-doh for the first time this year. The kids were super excited!
It was a fun day, but now I am exhausted and headed off to bed! Have a Happy Halloween!

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