This week was a busy one and it went by super fast! Conferences went smoothly with no surprises...which is always great! :)

This week we read about the gingerbread man and did lots of gingerbread activities for being a short week. I tried to incorporate the 5 senses for the pm class. We played a game and sang the 5 senses song. Here are some of the things we did.

1. We learned some gingerbread vocabulary.

2. We counted out gingerbread men. The number was on the plate and the kids put that many gingerbread men on it. We also recited the Four Gingerbread poem that I got from Shannon at Kindergarten Hoppenings.

We also decorated the gingerbread man with "candy" (sorry for the glare). The students said the color and number on the candy.
3. We made some gingerbread people.

4. We played a 5 senses game.

5. Here is a new unit I just finished and Holiday freebie.

You can get this fun Rudolph Color game on tpt. There is a poem that you read and you read it you can have the kids bring up the different color noses for Rudolph. We will be doing that this coming week.

Here are links to my new winter/ penguin unit. This one is geared more towards preschool, but can also be used in K.

Slip 'n' Slide Penguins- tpt

Slip 'n' Slide Penguins- tn

Make sure to link up with Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching.

Freebie Fridays

I made a little Holiday book and have been working on a few other Holiday freebies (stay tuned!).

This emergent reader is great for learning some Holiday vocabulary (specifically related to decorating the tree). Enjoy the freebie and your last day off before heading back to work. Next week we will be diving into Gingerbread Man activities. I also have conferences this upcoming week, which makes me a little anxious as a couple of students I have to discuss placement for next year.

Here is the Christmas Tree Teacher's Notebook

Here is the Christmas Tree TPT

Also, don't forget (I am sure you haven't!) about the tpt sale Monday and Tuesday! I know my shopping cart is full and ready to checkout!

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