I am linking up with Kacey for Five for Friday.

Now that I am off for two weeks I have already begun to think about what I want to accomplish over break besides spending LOTS of time with family and friends...
Two of the things I want to get done are getting my fridge and pantry organized...they are a hot mess!

And getting the baby's room started. I think I am nesting mode already. We find out Monday what we are having! Yay! I also have an IKEA trip planned for Monday after the ultrasound so it should be a fun day! I also want to start pulling out Ethan's baby stuff and cleaning it up and going through what can be used again. Unfortunately when I am teaching I am too tired to do these things after work and on the weekends so it is either now or not until April, which just in case something happens I want to be ready. I also just love planning this kind of stuff!

Anyways, here is my five for Friday. This one is a little random, but it here it goes.

1. I saw this on a friend's facebook post and I couldn't agree more! My kids were just off especially as the week progressed and I think it was due to both of these things.

2. We had pajama day, Santa visit, and our holiday party this week. It was loads of fun! Check out my post from a couple of days ago going over in more detail what we did.

3. Here are a copuple of activites our OT did with the kids that they loved. These activities work on crossing the midline, core strength, and mouth strength. Click on the picture for the activities.

4.  When I return to school I have four new kiddos starting. One I had a couple of years ago and has some challenging behaviors so I printed out some social stories that may help. We shall see!

5. I also wanted to share this great website I found for speech and autism resources...check under Materials Exchange for lots of great freebies!

Our speech path shared this with me and I have been exploring and finding some great stuff! I have a list of things to try and to print to use with my kiddos.

Have a great weekend! We have a busy one ahead of us, but I am excited because it includes seeing family we don't see very often. :)
I need to keep this in the back of my mind this week...

After a fun weekend...it did snow and Ethan loved the snow this year! (Last year he just cried whenever we went outside).

This upcoming week is going to be busy and the routine is going to be all over.  With all these changes and even though we talk about it, sometimes my little ones meltdown. I have been feeling quite hormonal myself lately and may also have a meltdown with them.

Anyways, here is a look at our week:
Monday Santa visits
Tuesday: Pajama Day (Polar Express Day)
Wednesday: Holiday Party
Thursday: normal day
Friday: hopefully a normal day.

Now for a  little freebie. Yesterday since we were snowed in I made a trace numbers and shape sheet. We sing Dr. Jean's numeral song and shape song daily. Usually I have the students write and draw these shapes and numbers in the air, but I think if they start actually tracing them it will be more meaningful for my little ones. I am going to put them on different color construction paper (double sided) and laminate to be used everyday.

Also, I made a recording sheet for the Elf Opposites I posted on Friday. I wanted to make a recording sheet, but wasn't sure how I wanted to go about it and finally it came to me...cut and paste! So make sure to download the newest version. I also uploaded it to tpt. 

Have a great week and remember to stay calm!!!!

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