Before I share a new winter freebie and some new fonts I wanted to share a couple of stocking my husband's grandma sewed for us! They are all hand sewn, enormous, and beautiful! It was a fun Christmas suprise this year as she made one for everyone.

 Now for some freebies...
Winter Count, Match, Record on tpt

on TN

I also received an I-pad stylus pen and have been busy creating some new fonts (much easier with a pen than your finger!). The first two you will have to click on to see a sample of the font. All I ask is that you credit me for the font if you use it. Thanks! :)





Freebie Fridays
Have a great weekend!

After a super busy and fun three days I am just savoring the quiet before Ethan gets up. Today is going to be a chill day for us at home as we have been on the go since Monday.

First, I want to share my resolutions for 2014. I am linking up with A Peach for the Teach. I just discovered this blog and cannot wait to explore it some more!

Personal: I think I may have said this one last year...relax. I am a high energy person and quite impulsive and I need to relax. Especially with a second little one on the way I need to chill out and realize not everything can get done.

Professional and Classroom: With a lot more students with autism coming into the ECSE classroom I need to learn to use the many visuals I have more effectively. One of the biggest problems I have faced with this is organizing the visuals and making sure they are readily accessible at all times.  

Blog/TPT: I must admit there is nothing specific with this other than to link more with people. I have loved being able to link up with teacher in similar positions as sometimes in my building I can feel pretty isolated just beacause of who and what I teach.

Just for Fun: I am hoping to really create more ME time and Hubby and Me time. This was a resolution of mine last year and honestly, I didn't do a good job of it. I feel like I am teacher and come home and am in Mom mode until I go to bed. I need to create a little more balance in my life.

Now for some random...we made these cut stocking with the kiddos at the end of the week. Lacing the stocking and pulling cotton are great fine motor skills, which is something my kiddos can always use extra practice with.

On Monday, we found out...

Also, stay tuned...I am hoping to share a new font or more if I have time and have a new winter freebie I am posting tomorrow.

I am linking up with Kristin at a Teeny Tiny Teacher to share 13 memorables things from this year.

Sadly, this year I got rid of my favorite article of AE dark denim Artist jeans. I wore them until there were holes in the knees and the stretch was outstretched...LOVE them.  After this baby is born I will be buying some new oes that's for sure!


I haven't been to the theater in over a year, but we have been doing some on demand movies and this one I was pleasantly surprised about. I was worried it was going to be a little too depressing, but honestly it is great and there is some comedy in it.
I am Obsessed with The Mindy Project!

And New Girl! Tuesday nights are my favorite!

It is a local soup and sandwich place by work and I am obsessed with the grilled cheese from there! 
I have been doing game Fridays with my kiddos and they love it! I also love how we are using less paper (we keep getting in trouble for using too much in our building) and it is still learning the skills they need!

I would have to say getting pregnant again. After my surgery this past Jan. I was concerned that it would be a lot more challenging to get pregnant and I am fortunate enough that everything has gone smoothly and I have had no further health issues!

Right now I am all about decorating the baby's nursery and this picture has been my inspiration. The room was already painted a similar color and tomorrow I am off to IKEA after we find out what we are having to buy the dresser and chair and I may try to get the comforter set I have picked out too. You can check out the nursery inspiration here.

My Monday Made It Visuals. I use these visuals all the time and the kids have responded so well to them!


Watching my son grow up. He is overall very well behaved and so happy! He is my world and I am so proud of him!

I love this picture of us! I had just found out I was pregnant in it and we were all so excited!


I don't know if I can narrow it down to just one. Probably Ethan first seeing the baby at the initial ultrasound because he was not so sure about that picture on the screen really being a baby. He comes with me to each appt and the idea is growing on him, which is fun to see.
This picture says it all...


To relax. I have been feeling really stressed and I need to just chill out. Everything works itself out.

I want to savor every moment with Ethan and Matt, as well as, with my kiddos at work and the less I stress the more I will enjoy!
And that's my 13 in 13.
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