Cabin Fever=Work Task Boxes

After having three days off (the longest break ever),  I was eager to go back! So while catching up on reading a bunch of blogs I came across work or task boxes.

Thanks to Kara at Sped-Ventures for the great ideas and links to great places to see more ideas for these. Since I have some cabin fever and I am trying to look for ways to improve my classroom I thought these would be great for my kiddos that have autism or just need independent tasks (especially because I have a lot of these materials at home). So I have started to compile some materials to make for these. I have a lot of things going back to school with me!

Check out some of the ideas...

The finished product will look similar to this from Awesome Autism, but I think I will keep the beads in some of these Gerber food containers I still have from Ethan. I am in the process of making some task cards to go with them.

Pom Pom Color Sorting. I put some colored foam at the bottom for students to match. The kids will use tweezers to place into the correct color container. (Again, I used the gerber baby food containers).
or Students can use clothespins to sort the colors too.
At the Dollar Tree I got some new clear bins for the activities to be stored. I put on red finished and once back at work I will get a picture that says finished.

Green is the to do and I will also get a picture for this.

Sorting buttons by color. Students will place the lids on the container and I added slits to the containers for students to insert the buttons in. Great for fine motor.

Sorting straight vs. curved letters. Place in the baggie and then seal shut once all letters are sorted.

This is going to be a work task in the kitchen area. I got a 12pk of infant silverware at the Dollar Tree (safe for the little ones to use) and they will set the table. I found a great step by step pictures from boardmaker share too.

I also got plastic vases at the Dollar Tree to be used for the florist shop.

I am also going to try saving some old medicine containers to be used for the doctor and vet play center.

Also, yesterday I made a Snowball Fight game and here it is as a freebie. The original idea came from Nicole at Rowdy in Room 300. Her idea was super cute, but for my little ones was a little too challenging except for my high group so I made my own that would better for my am and pm class.

You can get this in my tpt and tn store.

Also, in celebration of an extended Winter break I am throwing a sale for 15% for tomorrow through Sunday. Why not?!

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Last but not least at Target there was LOTS of $1 and $3 organization things.


  1. Great ideas, Kate! I love your idea of the different colored bins for "finished" and "to do" - I'm going to have to do that!

    1. I got them at the Dollar Tree. I was going to use red for finished, but they were out of it.


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