Day 5: Organization

Well, we shall see if as much soon comes as they are promising. It is the worst weather we have supposably had in years! I love all the hype...let's hope it lives up to it too.

Anyways, I am going to share some of my organization plans for this year.

School wise I have already begun to get my sub binder together.

Althought I am not due until May 21st and if I do go up to then I will only have 8 days left with the kids I am planning for the whole month of May...jus tin case.I am putting my lesson plans for the month of May and June in there with newsletters and all the activities I want the kids to do behind each week. Tomorrow I plan on beginning my sub basket with materials (shared reading, whole group activities, etc.). I also plan on including my directions for report cards and the end of the year party in there. Unfortunately I forgot these things

At home I have been tackling lots of projects.

Refrigerator husband hates how I throw things in the fridge and pantry...I am really bad about it!

Maddie's room...labels for items in her room. Made with my new laminator.

Hair accessories can go in this old Bath and Body Works 3 wick candle jar.

Closet organizers...We have oddly shaped closet rods.

Closet organization

I used a swiffer wet jet container...perfect for movie storage in Ethan's room.

What are your organizational goals for the new year?! Link up with Blog Hoppin!

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