Shared Reading #2

A little while ago I was asked how incorporate shared reading into the ECSE classroom. I thought I would post how I have done this for this year.

Morning Message. For the am class I just have the students point to the message with a pointer and I encourage my kiddos to read it. For the pm class I have began leaving blank spaces for kids to write letters.

I also have incorporated a lot more poems on chart paper. I have tried to either make them interactive (this one the kids bring up the leaves) and relate to our theme for the week/month.

We also did color poems this year.

Here is a winter poem related to The Mitten. I had the students put their name card up and then choose an animal word and then match it to the animals.

This one I will be using when we get to our farm theme in March. It incorporates rhyming and beginning sounds. I got the idea from Fabulous in First.

I typed it up here with the pictures.  

 I have a student point to the coin poems and find the coin that matches when reading the poems.

These are the main ways I incorporate shared reading into my classroom. I will be posting some of the other poems as we  do them. Stay warm! It is 20 right now, but is suppose to drop as the day goes down to 0...yuck!

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  1. Thank you Kate! I really never thought of that as shared was just something we do to help them learn print concepts :) I do this everyday and just never put the term "shared reading" with it. LOL


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