Snow Day and Some Winter Activities

I love this! The snow definitely came and now it is blowing around and getting cold! We have at least 11 inches. Tomorrow we are off to because it is going to be -3 for the high and that's not with the windchill.

To celebrate being off I thought I would share a few of the activities we will begin doing on Wednesday and for the month of January.

We will be feeding the penguin some shape fish. This will be done whole group with the kiddos. I also have number and abc fish.

We will be putting button numbers 1-12 in order on the snowman.

We will also being doing three little snowmen poem. I cannot remember the exact words and will have to get the poem when I return on Wednesday for you all.  

I made these shape penguins out of black cups and I just cut out ovals for the bellies and put shapes on them. Students match the penguin to its egg.

I didn't get a picture of the final product...this is another shape and number tracing charts for the kids during circle time. When we sing the shape or number song the kids trace the shape or number. The kids love doing it and it is great reinforcement.

Last but not least, I am linking up for Snowpocalypse.

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Also, don't forget to check out some of the winter freebies I have including my Mitten Opposite Matching!

Have a great day and if you got a snow day I hope you enjoy it!!!

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  1. Haha, I love that Oprah graphic! We have a snow day today, too, and some districts are already closing for tomorrow. Enjoy your extended winter break!

    Love all your winter activities - especially your cute penguin cups! What a great idea!



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