Visual Schedules

I had a new student start right after break and these schedules have helped him immensely! He looks forward to snack and likes to see what he has to do to get there.
This schedule is the one he uses throughout the day. I also still use the one on the board with the class, but he needs one for himself to carry with him and to physically hold. I made this schedule on boardmaker and it was super easy to make. Both schedules have the same pictures.
This is his center schedule. There is a picture of each area that he goes too. I also make sure the visual timer travels with so he can see how much time he has at each center. I just started using this particular schedule with him to reduce his anxiety about going to the next center and it has seemed to help.
Both are easy to make and are able to be moved with the student, which is just what he needs! 
Have a great Tuesday! 

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