Work Tasks and Pretend Play

Since returning back to work last Thursday I feel like I have been playing catch-up with everything! Having those three snow days really messed up my schedule and I had to reschedule about three meetings, but fortunately this week we have PD Monday and Record's Day Friday so I am hoping to tackle my kitchen play area and getting more work task boxes together. My kiddos love the button sorting task box I made and I want to change it out for a few new ones.

Anyways, I am slowly starting to go through the kitchen bin and taking items out to make into work tasks. First one on the list the cookies 1-10. The original idea came from the Considerate Classroom.

I also have completed laminating the lanyards I intend on using in the center. You can purchase the Pretend Play Starter Kit here. I intend on adding more as I go along.

I  made a washer/ dryer out of a box I found down in my basement. I got the idea from Lola at Preschool Wonders (hers looks way better than mine!).

I also have made a couple of more work tasks for the bins I have made. This one is matching socks and putting together with a clothespin.  

Ethan has been loving these work tasks too. I will probably be bringing them home for the summer for him to play with.

Beading patterns on a pipe cleaner.

Here is Ethan sorting pom poms with alligator (or as Ethan calls them Dragon) tongs.

This coming week we have PD on Monday and Friday a full day record's day so intend on tackling the kitchen this week as long as I get all my progress reports done. We shall see! Have a great Saturday.

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