Task Boxes cont'd and a St. Pat freebie

I have been trying to go through my closets at school again because I have a lot of stuff in there, but I just have not had the opportunity to pull the stuff out. A lot of the items are great for the task boxes I have been using with my kiddos and trying to rotate every couple of weeks too.
Here is a simple one to make: A kleenex box, clothespins, and a container. The students clip the clothespins around the kleenex box and then once all the clothespins are on they remove them and put them in the container.
I found wooden screws in the closet. They are tricky for my little ones, but we will continue to practice.

Sorting coins.

I have started to compile a list of these different tasks so that I make sure to pull them out next year and use them with my kids.
This is the transportation bin I created last year. My kids LOVE digging through the beans with the different forms of transportation. I also have different road signs in there for the kids to identify and that we have talked about.
Now for a St. Patrick's day freebie. My kids love these roll and stamp counting games. Have a great Sunday!

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  1. Awesome blog for parents :) Thank you very much

  2. Tried that while ago, but my kids don't care about anything other then cooking flash game The Papas Freezeria, they never get tired :S


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