A Question, An Idea, and Misc

A Question:
What color are Maddie's room?
Well, the answer to gray chevron, tiffany blue, and yellow are the colors of Maddie's room, which I am patiently (not so much, but I am trying) waiting for Matt to finish putting the molding, closet door, blinds, and crib together for me. Excuse the mess...

An Idea: After many of you thought it was the idea from a new blog design it got me thinking and I am looking into that as we speak! :)
We have been doing a lot of activities from the Lakeshore Learning Letter Kit. Unfortunately I do not see it available any longer.

I got these Roll and Write mats from Ashley Hughes. My kids love them. 

One of our task boxes for the week was building blocks with premade designs. This was challenging for a lot of them, but they still enjoyed it. I got these from
We also have been doing the What's In the Pocket File Folder Games I made last year.
Last, but not leat Sasha over at The Autism Helper had some flash freebies this past week. Both were Adapted Books. I have been wanting to try these, but not sure if my kids would like them. They do require some time to laminate, cut and velcro, but my kids have loved the Size and Shape one. I have made the candy one and will be trying that this week with them. I am also considering trying to make a couple that go with some of our books that we read every year to further work on color, shape, size, etc.. I also have a bunch wishlisted on tpt that I will have to buy! (I need another sale!)

We are off to celebrate my sisters' birthday. Have a fun and relaxing Sunday!

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