Center Rotations

Next year I am going to be using center rotation sticks. I used something similar for one student this year during centers and it worked great with him, so I am hoping this will work great with all my kiddos. I used paint sticks, velcro, boardmaker pics and an envelope for the all done pictures to go.

I painted each of the sticks the same color as the center and/ or table. 

Here is the red table where the kids work with me on language skills and academic skills. 

The blue table is fine motor and the yellow stick is for the social or play area. Each of the centers are lined up in the order that they will be going to that center. Unlike the one I made for the individual students I included a picture of clean-up because that time of day tends to get super crazy! However, if they see it coming and I can talk to them about it before that maybe it will reduce the anxiety of it all. 

I am not sure yet about having a group captain that would carry the stick to the next center or not...we'll see what my groups look like next year. Have a fun Saturday!

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  1. Kate, what a fabulous idea! I also like the idea of using the paint sticks, because I could put the kids names on it in Braille so that I can feel them and the kids could see their names. Colored craft sticks are a little tiny for Braille. You are SO creative!

    Sharon Dudley, NBCT
    Teaching with Sight


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