Circle Time Revamp

Our ECSE classes have been changing drastically in the kids we are getting. Many of our students are coming in with a  lot more severe disabilities and a mixed bag of delays and behaviors. With that said, we have had to quickly try to readjust the same curriculum and such for these needs and it is getting more and more challenging because we have students that are strictly SLI and academically delayed, but I also have students with severe ASD and Moderately Cognitively Impaired students that have not yet been placed into a program more appropriate with their needs. Add in that we are now getting students that are about 2.5 years old throughout the year from our 0-3 ISD program and some students are staying until they are six years old...we have a lot of diversity! With this large range of accommodations to meet we are having to revamp things and fortunately this year my ECSE partner has a lot of new and great ideas and with blogging I have been able to reflect on my students needs and readjust how I am teaching and knowing better what changes I can make (simple ones) that may help more of my students.

With that said, next year (I know it's crazy to start thinking about that already...but we have!) I plan on revamping my circle time.

Some of the ideas have come from

The Considerate Classroom
The Autism Adventures of Room 83
The Autism Helper
Little Miss Kimberly Ann (just found this blog and love it!)
and Teaching Special Thinkers

From all of these I have decided to make a circle time book for next year that is interactive for all my kiddos and can easily be differentiated for their their needs. I looked on tpt and found lots of great circle time books, but not quite for all of my students so I ended up creating my own that will work better for the kiddos in my room. Here are some of the pics of the book:

So I plan on adding to weather what should Froggy wear and adding a more interactive letter of the week activity to my calendar area. Otherwise, the calendar routine isn't going to change that much, but having the visuals right in front of the kids will make a huge difference and having them find the pieces, point along, etc. will most likely keep them better engaged and on task. Are you going to be revamping your circle time? If so, how or do you do something that you find the kids love?  I would love to hear your great ideas too!

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