Five for Friday- Plants

Yay! Spring break is finally here. It was a long few weeks and I am in desperate need of some sleep and emotional balance (quite challenging right now being pregnant). I am looking forward to catching up with some friends, getting another ultrasound to see our Maddie's growth and just having fun with Ethan.

This past week we learned about plants. Here are some activities we did this past week.

1. It is autism awareness month. Many of the students I have taught in ECSE have some form of autism and I can honestly say from each one I have learned something new. That in turn has helped me be a better teacher to help all of my little ones.

2. Magnet bins. My kids loved the magnet bin I had last week with the magnetic balls so this week I put in magnetic letters...another huge hit! 

Another fun task box idea is sorting hard vs. soft items. 

My kids love these lily pad counting frog clothespin clip cards. 

3. Some of the art projects we did...fork flower painting.

We decorated flowers to put in little cup vases. 

4. We planted flowers (sunflowers and marigolds). The kids loved doing this...although I did have a few that didn't care for touching the dirt. 

5. Non-school related. It was finally warm enough to take Ethan to the park. I love having the park only a couple blocks away!


And here I am at 33 1/2 weeks. I must admit this pregnancy wasn't quite as enjoyable as the last because I couldn't nap and just take an easy when I wanted because I have Ethan to run after. I am anxious and ready to finally meet Maddie!

 If you're on Spring Break have a great break and if not have a great weekend!

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