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Over break I am hoping on working on completing these 'simplified social stories', but we will see if my motivation sticks around.

I have found lots of free social stories online and many of them are great. However, for my little ones sometimes there are just too many words and after two seconds the kids are no longer focused on the story so my partner and I have been trying to come up with concerns that we have in the classroom that need a simplified social story. The stories are just 2-3 sentences with pictures. I have a couple I have used with students previously and this seems to work for our 2's and young 3's more effectively. At this point we are just trying to get them all compiled so at the start of next year we have them all ready to go. Here are a couple of samples. (These are the rough drafts).

I also have broken down circle time a little more. I have a large sing visual back at school and I have the songs that we do here. I am going to place the sing visual with these below up on our schedule and then take them off and put them in an envelope once completed. 

Our Speech path attended the PECS conference last summer and is trying to incorporate it as much as possible. She is training us on some of it and suggested having a visual for kids that are nonverbal to answer questions. So I have the prompt I see...and the kids will pick one of the pictures below ( I think I am going to use my theme pictures) and match it to the book we are reading. They can match the picture to the item in the book. 

Last, but not least. I talked about DVD cases first/then a little bit ago. I printed the pictures that are to be done (green) and then the choice the kids have after the center task is completed in yellow. This will be set-up before we start the day and the first/ then dvd boxes will be kept at each of the centers to help with completing a task and then knowing what is available after. The original idea of the dvd cases came from Mrs. Dixon at Teaching Special Thinkers. She has lots of great ideas if you haven't checked out her blog yet!

These are intended mostly for my students with autism, but will help all my kiddos with transitioning (especially initially). What accommodations or things do you do in your classroom that initially started out helping a student with autism, but found out helps all of your kids?

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