10 Things I Want to do this Summer

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1. Enjoy my two little ones! Time flies and I want to make sure I savor every moment with them before the crazy school year starts.

2. I need to finish Breaking Bad. I am on season 5 episode 3. I started the series in Dec. ( I bought them all for Matt for Christmas bc I wanted to see it. Hehe).

3. Matt and I need to go on one date night before the start of the school year. We are terrible about doing something fun... Just the two if us!

4. I want to read one non teaching related book. Something fun and easy so if I put it down for awhile I can pick it up and remember what was going on. Recommendations welcomed!

5. I'd like to go on vacation somewhere.

beach with word vacation

6. I want to purge some of the toys we have and my clothes.

7. I want to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. 10 more pounds to go! I am going to start doing Lindsay Brin's free workouts. I did these ab workouts last time and they helped a lot!

8. Once cleared I want to train for a fall 5k.

9. Get in my classroom and do some more purging again. A lot of the materials in there are too advanced for my kiddos so I want to get rid of it or find a new home for them. Also, learning how to use our Smartboard.

10. Relax and have fun!


  1. Your little ones are precious! Do spend time enjoying these years. I celebrated with my daughter yesterday for her 26th birthday! Where did all that time go? "Breaking Bad' is my favorite show ever- well not really, but I loved it. I would like to watch it again from the beginning. The end was amazing!

    Teachers Are Terrific!

    1. I already feel like time is flying by (which scares me!) Thanks for stopping by. :)


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