Social Skills

I have been happy to read that others are also planning for next year. Since the beginning of April I have been making lists of things that I would like to change (some of it was the nesting instinct kicking in too).

One of the things my partner and I have been talking about is social skills training. So we have made some social stories and I also just made an Emotions packet. A lot of my students don't understand  how to read emotions or understand why we sometimes feel that way so I am hoping these activities will help with this. We plan on doing some social skill learning at the end of circle time for the first couple of months of school and will be reviewed or continued daily depending on the kids we get.

You can pick up the Emotions packet here on tpt  or here on tn.

Some of the activities also coordinate with Pete the Cat and his Magic Sunglasses, which my kids love. 

What types of social skill activities do you do that you have found really help your students?

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