How to Use It: Clothespins

I am linking up with Speech Time Fun to share how I use clothespins!

I use clothespins for a lot of games and activities. I have included some freebies that you can use clothespins for.

1. Here are some pumpkin clothespin counting cards. Dots and the number to clip are on the cards so the kids can count out that many.

2. This is a great fine motor activity. It is just a Kleenex box with a tin inside. The kids clip the clothespins around the Kleenex box and then when done put them in the container.

3. Frog Counting Cards.

4. Same vs. Different Clip Cards.

 I got these particular apple cards from Karen at Prekinders. 

4. Bat Counting and Spider Counting. 

My kids love this game!

6. I have used clothespins for my clip chart to move the students up and down. This past year I added washi tape to the clips so they could be reused. Next year I am not planning on using my clip chart though...I plan on doing something completely different. I will keep you posted on that.

7. Yes/ No clip cards.

What do you use clothespins for?! Link up with Speech Time Fun and share how you use clothespins!

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  1. thanks for linking up!! love the yes/no question idea!


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